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  1. jaraeez

    Updating Lion DP4 -

    Fair points. I suppose I could do it again & with a backup to hand all should go well. Cheers
  2. jaraeez

    Updating Lion DP4 -

    Just a quick question regarding our Lion DP4 installs. I've got mine running nicely & was wondering if once Lion is out officially will we be able to just update our DP's to the official one? Sorry if this has already been asked...
  3. jaraeez

    Can't sign in to App Store

    I had a similar issue whereby the nic wasn't detected (don't use it anyway), configured my wireless & off I went. App store gave me the same errors so I first installed Lnx2Mac (tonymac) which helped in the detection of my card. I then once rebooted removed my network interfaces (wifi & ethernet) as well as the NetworkInterfaces.plist & then once up again added the ethernet first (gave it an address though it is not connected) then wifi second. After this I was able to login to the App store using my wireless connection..
  4. jaraeez

    HP Mini 311 vs. Dell Mini 10v

    Same here - I haven't played with the HP but do own a 10v (BT, 2GB, 10.6.1) & all is working very well other than deep sleep though I do believe they've (mydellmini forum) got that working as well. Upgrading to 10.6.2 is possible using the wonderful Netbookinstaller though as I've got mine working the way it is I've decided to give .6.2 a miss HTH
  5. jaraeez

    10.6 To Dell Mini 10

    Try here http://www.mydellmini.com/forum/ though from my understanding it's not possible on a 10 just 9 or 10v
  6. Hi, Dell Mini 10v running 10.6.1 - hope you like it as I do! Screenie/Cast
  7. jaraeez

    Dual Booting Linux & iDeneb?

    Re-read the above posts: your not copying anything back into the Mac partition. Your copying from Mac to Ubuntu then editing the files as stated above then copying or moving the files as root to a destination (as stated above) on your Ubuntu..
  8. jaraeez

    Dual Booting Linux & iDeneb?

    Your not editing any files on your Mac partition. In Ubuntu run nautilus as root from the CLI/Terminal type sudo nautilus then type your password & navigate to your mac partition. Once there do what you need to (read the above) & if you need to edit any files on your Ubuntu partition (menu.lst etc.) just right click in Nautilus while still running as root & you should be fine..
  9. jaraeez

    Dual Booting Linux & iDeneb?

    Maybe try this : You'll need to copy the Chameleon boot file though (see below). I grabbed the boot file while I was in Linux from within the root of my OSX install. Then copy/rename the boot file to "/boot/chameleon" or whatever you like on your Ubuntu box. Then add a GRUB entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst: title Apple OS X 10.5 Leopard kernel (hd0,0) /boot/chameleon Change the (hd0,0) to your Linux partition. EDIT: I also came across this which may help <i>title</i> OSx86 root (hd0,0) makeactive chainloader +1 <i>title</i> is the name GRUB will display for the OS. This can be anything you want, mine's been called several things such as 'Hackintosh', 'OSx86' and 'Mac OS X 10.5'. Whatever you're comfortable with really. <i>root</i> tells GRUB what to boot. The command we told it was <i>(hd0,0)</i> which is saying to GRUB "Boot from the first harddrive (hd0), using the first partition (,0)". And this is the bit that'll cause the most trouble. When I was following a tutorial on how to get GRUB to recognise OSx86, I was told to type (hd0,1) which is obviously a completely different partition. If you attempt to boot into OSx86 and you get a message along the lines of <i>"Error 15: Invalid Device"</i> just go back into the GRUB menu.lst and change the partition number. Keep changing it until you boot properly
  10. Well today was the D-day ... & all was as you explained (a big thank you ) the only thing I changed was in the menu.1st title Apple OS X 10.6 Leopard root (hd0,0) kernel /boot/chameleon/boot I then finally realised that you meant rename the 'boot' file to 'chameleon' doh! & while I was in Linux I copied the 'boot' file from the root of the OSX which worked fine (after downloading a few others which didn't work)
  11. Your a star!! - thanks I'll post back once I give it a go
  12. Nice one, well I'll give that a try then. A few things I hope you can clarify 1. what 'dd' command did you run 2. Exactly where is the 'Chameleon "boot" file' & any chance of posting your GRUB entry 3. I think your right that I probably won't need to copy the Chameleon "boot" file? Cheers for the feed back - it all sounds quite 'doable'
  13. Interesting - cheers for the heads up Anyone else have any other ways (the more the merry! )
  14. Hi all, I plan to move my Leopard install from the USB drive (fully working) to a new internal HD. At the moment I run LinuxMint from the HD on a Dell 1525 & when need to boot from the USB for my 'mac' experience - I've now decided to get a larger HD & if possible clone both the current USB & HD OS'es to it. Now I've done a little research but to be honest with you I'm finding conflicting views & ideas on how to go about this (super duper this & carbon copy that) What I would like is to be able to split the new HD into 2 partitions with the option of choosing which OS to boot from & was thinking that maybe I should first clone the Linux HD to a backup (which should be fine) though it's the OSX i'm not quite sure of? If that could be copied then I would imagine I need to restore the Linux to the first partition then the OSX to the second then boot from a Linux cd & restore the MBR then alter the menu.lst & add the OSX details? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated TIA