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  1. ESP Mounter Pro

  2. AppleHDA Patcher

  3. Rachel

    this is useful...thank you
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    crusher....can you share the wallpaper location? thanks. R.
  5. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    thanks to everyone for your help!!!
  6. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    thats interesting...why did that work and the higher level command didn't? seems curious.
  7. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    OK...I got it to work...I found a youtube vid that gave these instructions from terminal: sudo newfs_msdos -v EFI -F 32 /dev/diskXs1 from there I can mount the EFI on the high sierra disk and install clover. Thanks to everyone for your help Greatly appreciated. R.
  8. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    no...not in uefi...I don't believe my old motherboard supports that...i was trying for a legacy install
  9. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    tried the re-writing of the efi partition in both high sierra and sierra and no luck...terminal can't find the partition. the disk can be mounted...or so says terminal...but the efi cannot...to terminal...it just doesn't exist. am I better of wiping the disk and setting up the 200mb efi partition as fat32 and then installing? any ideas appreciated, though i think i be a bit screwed until clover actually has the ability to read that partition and that may never happen because who wants to deal with older equipment. signed, flumoxed
  10. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    that is scary...fortunately high sierra is on a completely separate disk I will try this and report back thanks very much R one question though...should this be done from inside high sierra or from my sierra setup? Thanks
  11. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    nope....no luck should i try a fresh install? any opinions welcome thanx R.
  12. High Sierra APFS and old equipment

    ok...good idea....I'll try that. thanks R.