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  1. No matter... You paired a device, so you should pair a MM like the rest. My experience, with a noname bluetooth dongle is that i can see device, but not connect them. I changed for the trust one and all goes well... I paired Logitech BT mouse, so I tried with a MM, and works great
  2. If your built in BT is recognized, and you could pair other device, MM is a BT device like the others, so it should work.
  3. Just have a look a bit upper, you'll find your answer
  4. stop smoking man.... go to trust.com and find store in US, there are lots !!!!!
  5. Sorry I'm french from France, I mean still living in France, and I bought it... I think you can find it worldwide.
  6. I have not tested with Apple keyboard, but logitech keyboard working fine ! So I hope that Apple keyboard is working well. The dongle is really reactive and fully functionnal. I cannot confirm with a test, but I sure it will work !
  7. Yep why not... but I can't talk about this installation because I never tested it and like 3945 wifi card is not supported, I installed windows 7 on my laptop, and mac OS on my PC. I can't talk about things I haven't tested and 5633 users not seems to be lots here.
  8. There is no any stupid question when we are learning. Vanilla Kernel is the retail Apple kernel, that means not patched. So you'll ask why don't I simply install Leopard from retail Apple DVD ? I think you can do it like on this laptop CPU is Dual Core and the rest is really near Macbook configuration. But on the iPC distribution, the installation is modified in order to add drivers from the beginning, here is why you have to try again and again until you find the drivers which are working for you. I don't remember exactly what I put, but let's try to show you the way : First of all you can go to : http://######.com/ipcosx86/ for more informations. Second : find a tutorial that explain how to install OSX with Vanilla kernel, you'll find easiely on insanelymac forum. Third : here is a non-exhaustive list of which driver I put during the installation Kernel -> do not check any kernel to keep the vanilla one Drivers -> Time Machine Fix -> Nothing in video drivers (you'll install after Mac OS first boot) -> Chipset Driver -> Intel ICHx Sata Drivers -> Audio -> don't remember but I think it is in ALCxxx -> ALC888 -> Network -> normally network card is Broadcom 44010 so choose AppleBCM440XEthernet but never worked. -> Wifi -> Choose nothing none are working 3945 a/b/g Intel cards are not working on Leopard (if you find tell me). -> Fixes and Patches -> ACPI Fix, IOPCIFamily.kext Patched, Finder 10.5.5 + keyboard.prefpane, Seatbelt.kext 10.5.5, Shutdown/Restart fix, UUID error fix, Alternate disabler -> remove Disabler.kext, PS/2 device support -> (CHOOSE ONLY ONE !!!) PS/2 keyboard fix, DSDT Patches -> Patch DSDT with newHPET, AppleSMBIOS Patch -> AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev3 667Mhz, Applications -> all except Marvin's AMD utility and Zephyroth's Utilities (only used for AMD CPU). When installation's ending DO NOT FORGET AT FIRST BOOT TO HIT ANY KEY FOR PROMPTING A MENU BEFORE SYSTEM START AND WHEN YOU HAVE ":" PROMPT TO WRITE : " -f -v" then press Enter to boot. When you arrive on the system I could advice you to start from application folder OSX86Tools Hit "Add EFI Strings/Boot Flag" button -> GFX String -> Graphics card click and choose at the bottom of the list "Other" -> Give a name "nVidia GeForce GO 7300" for example -> Choose Memory size "128MB" should work -> "VGA/DVI" -> hit "Import String to boot editor" -> and finally click "Apply change to com.apple.Boot.plist" then cross fingers and reboot, you should have full resolution and 3D Hardware acceleration. For the rest I let you discover this nice system. Hope it can help, and you'll find your way to Mac OS Good Luck
  9. Hi, I have a 5633 WLMi that was working with Leopard 10.5.6 up to 10.5.7 easiely as downloading iPC final 10.5.6 distribution, really the nicest one. You'll have to install, re-install and re-install again since you find the good driver mixing. Becarefull, use vanilla kernel, so that you can update with Apple menu -> software update as a real Mac. Only problem with this laptop is the wireless card : 3945 a/b/g from intel corp. No more driver exists today on Leopard either on Snow Leopard. So if you want to have wifi you'll have to buy other wifi card. Take lots of courage and go !!! That's the only thing I can tell you... that's working on this configuration, it's a bit hard, but when you taste Mac OSX... you can't do without after... And you want to buy a Mac ! Good Luck !
  10. Yep !!! I'm OK with that... waking up your computer with your keyboard or mouse does not matter... the important thing is to have this extraordinary Magic Mouse !!! Really the best mouse ever. When I'm at work on my thinkpad, sometimes i'd like to sweep with 2 fingers on the mouse... don't work ..... So I use FF + mouse gesture... but still not a MM !!!
  11. In fact, I don't think that comes from bluetooth dongle if you can wake up or not, I think this come from the system it self. I mean, if dongle is no more powered... no way that you're mouse can wake up something. For me, I'm not sure, and don't find something in my BIOS that's allowing me to wake up with something than a wired keyboard or mouse... Only option is wakeup by mouse or keyboard... not bluetooth or something like this. Anyway the option in mouse preferences is in grey and cannot be checked... Sorry...
  12. For information, I just bought a Trust 15542-02 bluetooth USB and just connected on my professional thinkpad and XP found it as a broadcom 2046.... yooohoooo the one in IOBluetoothfamily kext !!!!! yeeeahh !!!! I'll post when tested with my new MM, hope it won't do like the no-name bluetooth dongle i already have (making timeout, cannot connect but pairing.... ) Keep you informed EDIT : OK connected with this Trust dongle full working now without modifying anything !!! youhou the Magic Mouse is really so Magic !!! Hack Pro config : CPU : Core2Duo E7400 2,8Ghz Mobo : Gigabyte GA-EP31DS3L Memory : 2x 1GB Corsair Value DDR2 800Mhz HDD : 1 Windows 7 ultimate RC 320 GB Samsung 1 SL 10.6.2 (default boot) WD 320 GB retail install with "only" in EFI partiton UUID platform + sleep enabler (working without but no sleep) + fake smc (without --> infinite loop) Graphics : Asus en9400GT in EFI String full OK ! 1 DVD recorder 1 HDD Dock + SAMSUNG 160GB Sata 5400 t/min 1 Airport Extreme Router 1 Airport Express for Airtunes and Satellite connectivity to the Internet 1 Magic Mouse 1 External WD My Book 500GB on Airport Extreme in Time Capsule mode 1 HP C3180 all in one printer shared on Airport Extreme All FULL Working !!!
  13. Axelalf

    10.5.7 has been released

    Just installed and working from iPC 10.5.6 all pff (1 to 5) !!!!!! Look at attached 10_5_7.tiff =)
  14. Hi all, I just try for the first time mac os X86 on my laptop Aspire 5633WLMI. All is working fine except wifi card inter 3945 abg. I did update up to 10.5.3 from Kalyway 10.5.2, and i didn't find 10.5.4 update. So I tried from Apple menu, software update, and only select 10.5.4, with crossing fingers. Reboot..... And all fine !!!!!! whooooooooo!!!!!!! Now i'm on 10.5.4 !!!!!! and continuing discover this very great OS. Thx to kaly and all others for tutorials that helps me a lot !!!! Thx again