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    Mac OS X

    It is clear now.. Thank you guys.. I am new in Mac..
  2. X-Nitro

    Mac OS X

    Guys. I am sorry.. may be i didn't explane right way. I have Apple G5. and it came with 10.3.9 I have found torrent link - osx86_10.4.4 Install DVD.iso is it correct download for me? and regarding your post i understand that there is a version of MAC OS that u can install on PC?
  3. X-Nitro

    Mac OS X

    Thanks jbjonas Torrent i have found.. but i am afraid it will take so long time to download it.. So if you have a link send to private message or to e-mail anyway. I have installed 10.3.9 can i Update it to 10.4.4 ???
  4. X-Nitro

    Mac OS X

    Hi.. IS it a way or site to download from there a MAC OS latest version? and what version is a last now?