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  1. AH HA!!!! That first buffer line worked a charm thank you SO much Rehabman! You ARE the man. God Bless... iKahuna
  2. I am definitely using the DSDT I included in the Zip file and here is an IOReg dump from version 2.0, I could not locate 2.1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9k52yij4zi8336/T410-HacBook-Pro.ioreg If you can fix what I need to have fixed and toss it my way, I would very much appreciate it thank you Rehabman. I just want this done so I can get back to some paying work. iKahuna
  3. Can you please recommend a fix? Another AppleHDA file? Are you saying the DSDT is fine but the kext settings are wrong? at this point I would very much appreciate a fish over the fishing lesson. Just for tine's sake, thanks. the IOReg was from IORegistryExplorer 3.0.2 weird that to was corrupt. still need another? thank you rm, for at least working with me but if you can point me to a fixed solution it would be a huge help. iKahuna
  4. Ok Rehabman, I am now... ON MY KNEES BEGGING. I hate begging. Ok I have put info from DPCIManager in this zip, along with a FULL dump from Darwin Dumper, my entire Extra folder, the AppleHDA.kext I am using, AND the iOReg dump. If you could PLEASE fix this for me you have no idea how much stress this would take off me. I have to ship this T410 tomorrow or I am in deep kaka. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqtbhuu9khboz1r/Lenovo-T410-for-Rehabman.zip THANK YOU very much in advance. I owe you a six pack. iKahuna
  5. Yea that's all I did was add the layout-id DSDT edit to the DSDT file and try that. I am trying now to do a clean install on another drive then update to 10.9.3 and try to get audio to work. The other weird thing with this lappie is I tried at least four versions of VoodooHDA and all worked fine on reboot but on second reboot I got KP's up the YinYang. I'm tellin ya, I am not the best Hackintosh guy around but I have done netbooks to Haswell Hac Pros and never had this bad an issue with something known to work. iKahuna
  6. Ok now this is weird. I have this DSDT edited with layout-id 12 and put in Extra and now it just reboots the second OS X starts to load. This thing is kicking my ass and I have done dozens of HacBooks.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/awc3n7xh5kzpzdr/DSDT.aml Thoughts? iKahuna
  7. Ok great RehabMan thanks again. I will let you know when I pop it. This Conexant audio is a bi**h. iKahuna
  8. RehabMan, Ok I apologize but you're going a little higher than my pay grade here. Are you saying that I need to inject platform-id 12 into the DSDT, and if so can you tell me which one I should use and where to get it? As for AppleACPIPlatformExpert I am guessing you mean inside the IOREG area? I will definitely be boning up on all this RehabMan, but I am in a time crunch on this T410. Is there any way I could trouble you to edit the DSDT for me? Thank you, and last Q, do I need the HDAEnabler2.kext if I have a proper DSDT? Ok actually this is the last. Would a DSDT generated in Linux need any editing? Thank you sir, you are a Hac god among men. iKahuna
  9. The teach a man to fish approach eh? Ok I can dig it. I will work on the fixes but to be clear, the DSDT.dsl I made with MaciASL from the DSDT.aml file I am using in my Extra folder. So to be clear, here is the zip with the DSDT.aml as it sits in Extra now, and the DSL from MaciASL I saved after loading that aml file without messing with it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n980og0z56oh654/DSDT-T410-InUse-dsl-from-MaciASL.zip Last but not least at all could you point me to a guide on getting a DSDT.aml file from an IOReg dump? Wasn't aware that was possible. I love to fish. iKahuna
  10. Again Rehabman thank you. Also wanted to thank you for all the work you do, I have used your solutions for years now on many many Hacs and it is appreciated. I have used DSDT Editor quite a bit but haven't had great luck with MaciASL even though I know it's more comprehensive and powerful. Here is the DSL MaciASL generated and as you can see it's a mess. Would you mind terribly fixing it and adding the IRQ patch? Thanks so much.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrmjcbqr6imzeh4/DSDT-T410.dsl iKahuna
  11. RehabMan, Thanks for the help. I look on your repo but can't seem to find the IRQ patch. I have one I think from Olarila's patches but I want to be sure I am using the right one. Could you explain briefly (I'll take long preferably but time is precious to all of us! what the patch does? Just so I can learn, thank you. iKahuna
  12. My bad on not including the AppleHDA.kext file, that was DUM. Ok AppleHDA is in there now - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qv8lrtoivjs8br5/T410-Audio-Help-iKahuna.zip As to the IRQ Fix, I wasn't aware that had anything to with audio, could you elaborate? I wasn't done with the DSDT just wanted to get audio up before I did anything else. Also I made sure VoodooHDA wasn't there but is there any other kext besides HDAEnabler2.kext that would stop this from working? All I see in the Audio prefs BTW is AppleTV on Output. Thanks again! iKahuna
  13. Hello all. I have tried for DAYS now to get this working, it's an i5 Lenovo T410, and I did the BIOS whitelist, installed what I needed and everything is working flawlessly EXCEPT audio. I have installed many different flavors of AppleHDA, tried VooDooHDA (Not an option, KP every time) and I simply cannot figure this one out. I'm one of those types that if I'm reaching out for tech support, you can know I've tried everything. I even did a codec dump from Ububtu Live USB key, so I am really stuck and this is for a friend i NEED to get this done cause it's been WAY too long. So here is a zip of everything. The DSDT raw and the one I tried edited. The DarwinDumper info. and the AppleHDA, HDAEnabler, and a screen cap from DPCIManager which shows it is a Conexant CX20585 with Codec ID 0x14F15069. Anyone who can help me figure this out I would be most appreciative, thanks in advance. iKahuna The files are here and thanks again to the guru that solves this conundrum,.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qv8lrtoivjs8br5/T410-Audio-Help-iKahuna.zip
  14. I participated, but if this is about community, information valuation and benefits to brand I feel there are many better questions that could have been asked. Also the iPhone focus tends to make it seem as if the survey creator didn't really grok the focus the people he was trying to get to participate actually have. Q: Apple corporate claims publicly that OSX86 is illegal and they don't approve, but legal issues aside they know they benefit greatly from this unofficial "sub-culture." STRONGLY AGREE iKahuna
  15. [Guide] Asus P8Z68 Deluxe

    Prodigal, That link you gave me says I do not have permission to view. Why is it that no one seems to be using the 3304 BIOS? I am actually going to try that with a 4800Ghz SSDT from TonyMac's site and report back. Still having issues with not being able to see my eSATA RAID since ML.