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  1. Thanks! Actually I've got Marvell IDE Controller. BTW, are these the vanilla kexts beside some new ids in the plist or the original source code has been modified?!?
  2. I've got a DG33FB motherboard (ICH9). Do these kexts provide drivers for the IDE controller too or are they just for the SATA controller? Thanks.
  3. NForce SATA Controller

    I want to express my gratitude to MeDevil for his awesome work. It's also very helpful that you've posted the source code. I've been studying it as well as reading the IOKit Fundamentals (http://developer.apple.com/documentation/DeviceDrivers/Conceptual/IOKitFundamentals/IOKitFundamentals.pdf). It's not that I've become a guru in two days days but I've begun understanding the ins and outs of driver matching, loading, etc. Oviously I don't understand everything within the sources but I understand more than yesterday . I've never read or written anything regarding drivers but I have to admit that the model that Apple proposes is nice and clean. Hope some others are studying this too. It's a great source of information. Don't forget to download xcode and use IORegistryExplorer!!! Thanks again MeDevil!
  4. MIDI by Gameport

    any news on this? .... the only thing left 4 my rig... maybe we could write the driver ourselves... it can't be THAT complicated... in theory we create a virtual in port in the system and we just forward the MIDI codes we receive through the port jejej.. ofcourse.. we have timings issues to take into account... gonna do some research... More info in: (1) h**p://devworld.apple.com/documentation/MusicAudio/Reference/CACoreMIDIServerRef/MIDIDriver/index.html (2) h**p://developer.apple.com/documentation/CoreFoundation/Reference/CFPlugInRef/Reference/reference.html (3) h**p://www.technick.net/public/code/cp_dpage.php?aiocp_dp=pinconjoy_pc_game_midi (4) h**p://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/drivers/input/gameport/?v=linux- if someone is on the same boat..............
  5. I want to be able to see exactly as it shows when using -v flag. I've looked in /var/log/system.log but it's not the same. I want to get extra information regarding the slow down i'm having when starting up. I've removed Apple Hardware Sensor extension but yet it's still the same. THANKS
  6. well, university has kept me very busy but i managed to do a simple java app that would return your audio config to use only 2ch (volume is maxxed also). Use it at your own risk. Please note that this is just a simple fix and for the moment i'm happy enough with it. Ideally i should do an app that stays resident to monitor audio config changes. FixAudioSetup.class.zip
  7. ok... investigating how to interact with the audio device in order to fix this issue... hope to be releasing soon an app for this purpose.
  8. Actually it would better to run that script when GarageBand finishes loading up. Using 6ch config gives me problems with audio . Is this an issue only on OSX86 Boxes? BTW, i'm using a Realtek ALC850.
  9. When loading GarageBand 3 the app changes my audio config form 2ch to 6ch. Anybody??? thanks
  10. When using 10.4.5 I could read Mac help properly.. after V3 the links in the main page don't work. If I copy the links and paste them in the search bar I get the correct page but the images don't appear. I was asking if there's a solution to this problem. I tried something someone suggested (pointing to Apple KB) but it didn't work. Anyone experiencing the same with V3??? thanks a lot
  11. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Apart from using switchresx which is shareware, is there a way of using custom refresh rates????? i've noticed than after booting it loads up a color profile which is named "display" the problem is that it just has too much gamma i tried loading another one and, though it corrects the problem, everyhing is the same in the next boot. any way of setting the color profile so that it's remembered after boots?? thanks!!!
  12. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    what i mean by no glitches is that pirior to the hack i was getting graphicals problems especially when scrolling. now everything looks as it should be. btw the card doesn't show correctly in the sys prof and with itunes i'm getting the drop u mention. anyway i think it's been a huge achievement and with switchresx now i can get custom refresh rates as 72Hz.
  13. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    X1800 XT working here in 10.4.5 Myzar + 10.4.6 V3. Resolution and refresh change with no glitches at all! People out there having problems should try removing the Graphics Mode in the boot.plsit file
  14. Callisto Technical Discussion

    X1800 XT PCI-E here but no success yet. When booting without -v I get the "restart your computer" screen. When using -v I see the graphics card gets recognized properly (X1800 XT) but it hangs up at the moment of loading loginwindow.app.
  15. no one??? any way of disabling more-than-2ch modes (maybe editing some kext or something)??