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  1. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    That's very nice... Not bad at all... +1 on the wallpaper.
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Here you go, then. Extract and copy this file to ~/Library/Preferences. There are a few other scripts inside that I've used for last month's desktop as well. Have fun! :mellow: org.tynsoe.geeklet.shell.zip
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    I use Geektool. You can put almost anything you want on your desktop with Geektool. Some people even have lists of running processes and network connections on their desktop, but I like to keep my desktop clean. There are lots of script samples on the web to get you started. Just do a google search for geektool scripts.
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    My desktop for this month. Icons are a bit out of place. Haven't had the time to look for matching icons.
  5. Parallels Have Stolen Chameleon!

    Can you extract the bootloader and compare it to Chameleon? It does look strikingly similar, if not the same, as Chameleon. I'd even say that the chrome apple logo is taken right out of Chameleon...
  6. The first Mac you ever used.

    Pizzabox Macintosh LC II with a broken Apple 12" Color Display which would go blurry after around 15 minutes of usage. XD That was also the first Mac I ever owned, BTW. System 7 with a horrible 512x384 pixels display.
  7. OS X Annoyances

    I've been using OS X for a few years, and a few things that really annoys me to the point of thinking that Windows is better : 1. File management (using Finder). It just plain sucks. I try managing my 700+GB of data using Finder and found it to be Herculean task. The absence of a "Cut" option seems to be the most annoying. 2. HD Video playback. It just sucks big time when a Quad-core and a Radeon 3870 fail to play a 1080p WMV-HD or H.426 video at a frame rate of more than 5 fps. 3. No maximise button. Sometimes I just want an app window to fill the desktop, not "zoom to the best view". 4. Home/End key behaviour. Fixed by installing KeyFixer, but hey, why do I have to use a 3rd party hack in the first place... 5. Multi-session burning. I don't want to waste 4.5GB of space on my DVD-R, just because I need to burn 200MB of data today. 6. Leopard's preview for audio/video files. Why couldn't they left the scrollbar there? I want to preview the file, and sometimes the "preview" I'd like to see isn't at the beginning of the file. Other than that, I guess I'm happy (for the time being)...
  8. Yellow error while loading COM.ORBYTE.DRIVER.PCGENUSBECHI

    Replace the Orbyte USB drivers with Slice's new USB2.0 drivers.
  9. HFS or NTFS?

    FAT32, anyone? The 4GB file size limit aside, it's my choice of FS. I just hate NTFS. If it weren't for Vista forcing NTFS up my nose, I'd never use it. But that's just my 2 cents.
  10. LawlessPPC-Leo-10.5.4-Phenom&AMD

    Leave him be. He's been spamming every thread with that message. I'd figure the mods would do something about that very soon...
  11. Can't blame you for missing it. I reckon I'd grow tired of reading 70+ pages of responses. But as I've mentioned before (in this and iPC 10.5.6's thread), it's fixed by adding Chun-nan/Eureka's ATI IXP drivers, so no big deal for me.
  12. Well, to be honest, my IDE DVD-RW drive didn't get detected by iPC 10.5.6 either (I've mentioned this in the iPC thread). Actually it was a choice between my HDs or my DVD drive. Kinda hard to choose between "Still waiting for root device" or boot without any HDs detected... Until I added ATI IXP drivers to the DVD (removed ATI Device IDs from the combo AppleVIAATA and added AppleATIATA). Sounds like the same problem with Ducky's release here, which is incomplete Device IDs in the driver's plist. I do have to mention that's LawlessPPC's release does work with an SB600. IDE & SATA got both detected, altough IDE performance is far from what you would call great. It lags ocassionally. If I may suggest, use the ATI IXP drivers I mentioned above. It's working perfectly on my SB600, and it's also supposed to support SB700. And yes, a more detailed explanation of everything would really help others that are interested in this release. Cheers.
  13. Banning the word "plz"?

    I don't mind people asking for help (politely), as long as they type their sentences right. What's really annoying is that some people are just too lazy to type their questions properly, let alone research it first. I can live with people not knowing the difference between their and they're, your and you're, than and then, etc. But when people start to use chatspeak/1337speak, I really get the urge to hit them in the face instead of helping them. You're not helping anyone by typing cryptic messages that takes 30 minutes to decode. And you certainly won't get any help with typing such cryptic messages. At least, not from me. I think my sig is a clear enough message on this matter.
  14. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    Looking good so far. No problems at all (yet). Seems like the new 2009 version does solve the problems I've been getting. Try using BlueHarvest. You can set it to clean .DS_Store files automatically and anywhere. Even on HFS+ partitions (if you want). I use it to clean all .DS_Store and ._* files on all my non-HFS partitions.
  15. Try using OSX86Tools to automatically set your "About This Mac" info.