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  1. MacX

    Selling Macbook Air

    900 Shipped? I am interested in your macbook air =]
  2. do all these model's work good? i prolly need to get that wireless card i assume to make it work with OS X
  3. MacX

    Clone Osx86 - Help Please!

    I second carbon clone copy.
  4. MacX

    Intel i7 and x58

    Why when you do a search nothing comes up? Is it not supported? No one have the guts to try? Are people holding it in to make money or something? Afraid of Pystar or x-EFI? Ill do it myself if I can get some backers (developers). Asus x58 South Bridge Intel ICH10R LAN Chipset Marvell 88E8056 Second LAN Chipset Marvell 88E8056 Dunno about sound, but that looks good so far. Haven't even looked into MSI or Gigabyte! φΦ
  5. Yeah and like it will even work......
  6. MacX

    COD 4 displays upside down

    tiger for newer games has the cutest bugs :censored2:
  7. MacX

    GA-P35-DS3L Help\Advice

    i have the same motherboard. what is your full specs? Maybe we can help you =]
  8. Good news and some bad: Installed the new mobo and everything. i had to buy a SATA DVD drive at bestbuy ( 70 bucks, ouch) Anyways i install using Leo4all V2 with VIN kernel and my chipset. everything installed correctly. i installed NVinject. every worked! then i installed the wireless card and edited the device id and it worked perfectly. But... Now the bad: Well after i did this (not sure if it really is this) it will just instantly turn off without warning. Or mouse wont work that or it will freeze when i try to press on airport to turn it on. It was working fine intill i turned it off when i was installing PS CS3. So what the {censored}? I am not fully sure if it is this, but if i go safe boot it wont turn off at all. So i suspect it is my wireless card. I am going to clean install again and see if i can get this working. Also i got Dual displays to work! Any suggestions? -MacX
  9. Well i am just waiting for those new parts to get here from newegg! I will keep this updated and get this rig running as soon as i get the parts. i bought that lan card since it was only 7 bucks and it could solve a lot of issues in future. Looks like my rig is going to be the bomb. Thanks dude I will keep you informed of what is going on my project greetz MacX update: my CC failed so i re entered it and now it will be shipping. LULZ 5/06 Todd
  10. I thank you chevy for suggesting and helping me with some info since no one was willing to reply really. I just wanted to make sure secondary IDE worked for dvd ( you never know). It's LG DL drive, fairly new at least. always worked for OS X installer so far. i have gotten leopard to work on my Asrock but nothing works how i wanted to really so i am going to a better and more working chipset. So yay! I updated my main topic reply with what is going on. Hopefully it can help someone ( like me ) after i am done ! Also i see your using PCI card for your lAN(sigie). is that needed? or suggested? Cause i want a good lan card at least. it's 7 bucks and if it works well without much hassle i will buy 2 for the next upper level hackintosh i want after i can get used to and work with the one i can afford as of now. Greetz MacX
  11. the 8600 XXX mail ion rebate is gone and now its back to 90 bucks. But i found a 7300 for real cheap. i looked through list if it is fully working. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130025 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130026 Note: i am not a hardcore gamer really. i just want a card that fully works. any suggestions? i would like if someone suggest what i stated above reply's. Thanks! -MacX
  12. Good news for me is: 1. I do have some DDR 800 unopened ( 2GB) G.Skill too =] I thank you for giving me a good url for some top mobo's to work. i did look at compable list many times. But alot of em say yes and do not actually work fully. But i just wanted a more experienced person tell me what was best choice since i made a mistake of using AGP ( even thou its old and free) . However all the new mobo's i seen all use SATA only or only one IDE slot. it's going to be terrible on me since i have a new LG Dual layer dvd burner IDE and a new 320 EIDE HDD . My question to experienced people like yourself is, i want a mobo and GFX card that will do games and everything near fully working. And i seen alot of people have this . I am willing to do some patching or w/e i just need a good standpoint since this is my main operating system. I have been a OS X user since day 1 and all my computers are macs. But that does not mean i aint a pc guy too. I can however if not possible i will buy a new DVD drive with SATA if it is not possible with only one IDE connector. Also will my 430 antek true power give enough juice for that gfx card and mobo and all that? I really really hope that is not the case for me cause i just bought it for 90+ bucks and barely used it. I just need a good ground on hardware really. a cheap one in my budget that will do me good and not give me a corner like this VIA cheap {censored} gave me. But i think with a new 7x gfx card and a good mobo. This idea and dream can come true for me =]. I also bought a nice heatsink for maybe some OCing in near future. So i choose so far these two parts: they both look right. But wont i need to get a new DVD drive since it only has one IDE connector? Graphics card: XFX PVT84JUDD3 GeForce 8600GT XXX 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX All Solid Capacitor Intel Motherboard ^ click links to go to page for more specs on it. I just want to make sure everything will work. i already poured some on all the other parts. luck thou now i can use the ram i actually wanted to use =] Tell me what you think?
  13. It installed on Kay 10.5.2 on 9.2 kernal not vin kernel or speed or anything. sound did work out of the box. Lan no. i could not figure out how to use the patch for steve patch inless its the mobo chipset VIA one i selected. But i also need to reread it, since i fast read. But i also think that mobo chip is BS honestly since alot of boards are so much easier to get working. I am willing to work and get {censored} working. But i also cannot use DDR 6400 and that makes me mad. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813127032 < THAT the one you meant abit lg-95c? I want a vin working kernel working motherboard =]
  14. Huge question! I really want a good 100%( or closest ) working leopard motherboard on the market for under 100 dollars. But on newegg for my motherboard chip theirs only 2 agp's and mine i own is the most expensive .A other need in searching is all my devices are IDE devices( expect my wireless card, PCIE) . since i do not have a SATA anything. But if AGP is too much a of a hassle i can maybe get a better GFX card that is a good on compatibility for leopard. I just want compatibility than anything really. Since this is a birthday gift for my mother and all. After i get everything work, i want to write a remastered tut on some os x things i think alot of people miss when they first start even reading alot of tut's. Note i am trying your helper tip. Thank you for giving me some advice. It really giving me some input -MacX will report soon and edit this reply
  15. I think you for being only one to actually giving me vaild info. Since i finnaly got Kay (10.5.2) to work on my michane. I installed NVinject ( not sure what patch at first through installion, but it worked, but no resoluxctions, so i manually did it. It gave me refresh problems ( non safeboot it would give me color blotches) I can display a screenshot if you want. it was hardly even usable. I even ran the script to clean the cache., it's funny since i have this patch already from a torrent on mistake. also what GFX driver shouild i use. i see alot of 6600 using titan patch. But will NVinject work for my AGP card? However if my GFX card does not meet my standreds i will be willing to buy a new card. Ethier PCIX or AGP( AGP prefered ) I culd not find on Wiki on this card being supported. Infact i only saw 5 cards for AGP. Is it not complete or alot of cards not supported. I assume the first theory. If i need a new card, required really cause i like my 6600. But if it gets me to a better support than i am willing to pay 50-100 dollars for a good card that will work for fully for me without too many issues. I would reallty love for someon to find me a perfect card for my system. BIOSTAR V6802XA52 GeForce 6800XT 512MB 256: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...82E16814141026R PCIE:ASUS EN8500GT SILENT MAGIC/HTP/512M GeForce 8500GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready Video Card ASUS EAX1550/TD/256M Radeon X1550 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card <<<< 25.00 bucks? if this will work please tell me cause thats dirt cheap Also i am leaving myself a log on a seperate mac for what i install and what works and not. I can hopefully help alot of people with same chipset and motherboard. I am not done with finding a good card ( if i really need to)