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  1. xCode on Mac netbook?

    Hello Everyone, I want to know if any one successfully installed and used xcode on a netbook. I used it before on a virtualized OS x for a couple of days. Is it usable? not just for testing but for actual development? THanks
  2. Installing OS X on a HP G62-105SA

    I tried retails on mine, didnt detect my network cards and kernel panics while updating to 10.6.4
  3. I have a realtek 8102e/8103e ethernet card After a clean install of 10.6 the network utitlity says that the card is 8103e but is inactive, and its not working.. even when i connect the cable it says not connected.. I installed the realtek pci nic and still the same error i rebooted with the cable connected, and now the network utitlty says: Self-Assigned IP and it doesnt work. i read someone changed it from en0 to en1 and it worked.. how can i do that?
  4. update to 10.6.4 panics

    I installed 10.6 and after it started i installed the 10.6.4 combo update, before it finishes it panics, and when i reboot it keeps panicing and i have to re install it from scratch.. any info?