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  1. Gave this a shot last night. Thought I would upgrade from Kalyway 5.2. It worked VERY good straight off. Most things seem to be working great, including sound and CI/QE. The only problem I have come across yet is Ethernet not working. I have a Marvel Yukon chip on motherboard. Checked the right options, all combinations I believe. No luck so far. The other little annoyance was lack of ps2 support which I think is included in the upcoming patch. Edit: Motherboard Abit IP35 Solution: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry245032 In my case I just copied over IOnetwor... from Kalyway 10.5.2 disc backup I had with KextHelper. Working great now :-)
  2. Graphic Driver "Next Day" Problem

    I have had loads of problems with gfx drivers. Anyway to solve the problems has been VERY simple. Problem has been finding the information at times. None of these NVInject installers worked for me. Manual instalation is very easy, some nice fella put a simple but accurate guide on the instalation section. Once the drivers wher working on second reboot I would get the same problem as you. All I did was not use "restart" it seems to break the drivers. I have shut down my computer a few times to test and booted up fine so far.... touch wood
  3. Maci Thank you. After pulling hairs for the best part of two days I got CI/QE working perfect, luckily everything else worked out the box. I have one problem. On restarting my pc (after all is working) I got a hold button down to restart PC screen. Looked like a picture loaded into frame buffer. Few translations on the screen too. Did that and get a blank screen now. I followed your guide to the dot. Any ideas to what I am doing wrong or possible problem?
  4. Command to disable graphic card drivers

    F8 >boot: -x