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  1. You can always get the official driver if nothing else works. And it has even been recently updated. http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3
  2. Can't Use Ata DVD-RW

    have a read in here. I get the same problem every time I install any release after 10.5.4. The solution in the thread linked works for me. Hope it helps
  3. You can try to fix the MBR in single user mode, I've done it once and it worked, also, if you have more than one partition, make sure that the OSX partition is set to active, i don't remember hot to fix the MBR, You've got to search in here... To set the partition active, you can use partition magic, acronis disk manager, diskpart from windows xp, and lots more programs... Hope it helps!
  4. partitioning software

    i don't know... but if you format a drive or partition using fat32, it will be usable in windows and mac, read and write... the only problem is the file size limit, that can be a problem if you work with dvd's and other big stuffs
  5. with the built in disk utility you can fill it with 0's as well...
  6. once my hard drive stop recognizing in windows when the program that formats the hard drive crashed. i was formating it during the installation and using the disk utility tool from a dvd that i don't remember which. but after plugging it to another machine and formating it with partition magic in dos, it worked again... once i killed a sata controller by using the wrong file to upgrade the bios, it prompt to select a bin file that was the bios and by mistake i selected a picture and uploaded it to the card ... but managed to exchange it in the shop...
  7. Creative xmod

    i'm planing to get one today for £44.99 from PC world... lets see if it works!!!
  8. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I have a AD1986A on a P5GV-MX mobo, all I get with the others Azalia patch is the sliding volume bar, and when I patched it with the AD1986A dump from the #1 post, the sliding bar still there but it is faded and I can't change it. But still no sound. How do you make the linux dump? never mind.... "cat /proc/asound/Intel/codec#0 > /usr/ubunto/Desktop/AD1981HD_dump.txt"
  9. i got a soundmax adi ad1986a in a p5gv-mx motherboard and all i ever had was the sliding volume bars... but never had sound... if someone got the same mobo as me and got the sound working, PM me please!!!!
  10. Building a new machine

    well, i guess it is more than really good, here it goes around £150... sg: does the sli works?
  11. InsanelyMac Widget Public Beta

    totally insanelly dud!!!
  12. didn't apple dropped the tpm for tiger?
  13. Sound will not work

    hi what guide did u folowed? i've got the same motherboard as you...
  14. ow.... sorry! i forgot that you were installing from the 10.4.6 JaS, the USB fix is an option in the new 10.4.8 JaS dvd. i'm not sure if it can be a solution but, have you activated the *usb lagancy support* in the bios? i'm not sure if that is the name, but it is something similar. because i remember i while ago, i had to enable that for my keyboard and mouse to work, both k and m are usb. hope it helps