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  1. excellent thank you both for your help:D great to come home from work with great answers :glare: thanks
  2. i wanted osx to be my primary OS so i followed the tutorial and set the osx partition as my primary. the only exception is that the darwin bootloader loads up osx instantly..it doesn't give me a boot option. how can i get my windows partition back, or at least get acronis back to allow me to switch os's?
  3. i made two partions on my hard drive like the tutorial in the genius bar said and after rebooting it gets to the starting acronis loader... and it hangs there for more than a day now. i tried multiple button slamming but still can't get passed it. I searched and didn't find much on the topic..any one else know how to save my partitions and get past that scree?
  4. i seem to have come to a problem. i followed everything in the steps exactly (i am pc savy too) then it reboots to os selector. i go to tools-acronis disk director and it freezes half way..i leave it for an hr and its stuck i restart and try booting osx and i get the hfs+ partition error and think its because its not the primary. formatted and redid it and the same freezing happens midway. i installed it on a 50gb partition...anyone got any ideas?
  5. after much reading and no sucess I have decided to post for help Im currently running asus p4p800-vm 865g chipset p4 3.0ht, 1.5gb ram and an ati 9800 pro i tried both the onboard nic and a linksys lne100tx and both did not connect i also have a 3com broadcom 5904 3c905c after reading some say use the darwin cd or use the networkfamily.kext from 10.4.3. I did a direct install from the 10.4.4 dvd. has anyone gotten sucess with the linksys or the onboard nic? am i going to have to install 10.4.3 through vmware and get the kext? thanks for all the help