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  1. I would just upgrade to the patched 10.4.5 DVD directly.
  2. OK, I can see my OSx partition but not others. Can I mount a FAT formatted partition? Using the disk utility to attempt a mount failed.
  3. I borked my hp l2000 install by trying the speed up your hard drive patch. It wont boot. MacDrive can't access the Mac Drive. I tried a few Linux live CDs and they can't detect the partition type and therefore can't read it. I know I can reach the terminal using the install disc but how do I access my local drive. What root do they appear on the disc or where are they mounted? I basically just need to copy files from one partition to another.
  4. The partition needs to be marked as a bootable partition, otherwise it will not load.
  5. Macdrive....

    I also have had issues with MacDrive. I tried to drop files on the MAC partition and it blue screened my XP and rebooted my box. I had to do a disk repair on both disks.
  6. OK, guys. I'm up and running. Touchpad and keyboard work. Wireless is good. If anyone need help with a v2000 or l2000 let me know.
  7. Help with Compaq v2000

    I agree. I have a v2000 and I am having a lot of trouble just getting the keyboard, touchpad and wireless to work.
  8. OK, so for the wireless file I have the following lines <string>pci14e4,4311</string> <string>pci14e4,4312</string> <string>pci14e4,4324</string> What numbers do I replace with the device id? Do I replace all of the second numbers? 4311? 4312? 4324?
  9. Guys is there any reason we can't just post some of these kext for specific models? It seems like it would be a lot easier than trying to have everyone reinvent the wheel. In addition certain people seem to have things working on the same model that do not work for other users (e.g. my HP l2000's [v2000] touchpad wont work but other people seem to have it working). I have to assume the answers are in the kexts. Would having packs for models be out of the question. It seems like a lot of people have V2000s nc6000s etc... I say this because I tried to use the wireless directions and I managed to make my install unbootable. Trying to use mac drive to restore the file only gave me the blue screen of death and corrupted the mac partition to the point where I had to reboot. It just seems like a lot less catch up would need to happen and the focus would be more on moving forward. Just a suggestion...let me know if this seems out of line.
  10. Thanks, that worked. I got XP going again and I updated to 10.4.5. I'll work on boot options of Darwin later.
  11. I installed 10.4.3 on a machine with an existing windows xp install. Now Darwin only load OSX. I need to be able to have it load Windows XP too. It barely pauses at the menu at all before it starts loading OSx. I tried f8 and space, but no options come up. I tried fixmbr using the windows install disc and no luck there.
  12. I installed 10.4.3, now Darwin in the only boot loader that comes up. I am not given the option to load windows XP. I would rather it default to the windows boot.ini instead. How do I do that?
  13. Update: So, my new process: A) Create a partition using diskpart Run install for 10.4.5 using VMware (This did fix the issue with OSX screwing up my partitions) C) After this point the 10.4.3 disc will not boot on my system, in VMware or otherwise. D) So I set the MAC partition to the active partition using the tools in the install area of the 10.4.5 mac disc. E) set up chain0 and added it to the boot.ini. F) I get the error about the windows dll being corrupt when I try to load OSx I looked in the Wiki and it says: "This means chain0 was unable to locate the HFS+ partition of type 0xaf" i guess my next step will be to try to set the type to 0xaf. It should be already, but it may not have been set correctly. If that doesn't work I'll blow away the 10.4.5 and try to install 10.4.3 and upgrade from there. I'll keep at it.
  14. Neat. What program could I use to set the id=af? I have Partian magic and acronis.
  15. I would say you can't, which is what I'm starting to find out. Everything I've done to try and use it turns into a messed up hard drive partition or just a non-booting system. I'm going to try a find a 10.4.3 disc and work from there.