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  1. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    7/10 its shiny 8/10 nice setup, mmm voodoo
  2. Hey everyone, sorry I haven't logged on in awhile, busy with school and such. Well anyway I need some help, this may sound kind of stupid but does anyone know where I can find a video of this magic trick called " Cherry Control by Rick Smith." Can't find any place that gives out this video and how it's done for FREE. Only place i know of is Demonoid, but you got to have an account for that. So if anyone can direct me to a place that has said video of this magic revealed and in pretty good quality I'd be very grateful. Or you can just pm me a demonoid invite code, but that pushing it and I don't to sound desperate or sound like I'm begging for one. But anyway if you can do either one that is great, and if you need a decent sig or background wallpaper for your mac/ hackintosh, I'm your guy. Or you can just send me requests here and I'll make em for you assuming i have enough time. -Thanks in advance!
  3. i made em myself lol let me find the files and maybe a lil tweaking and ill get back to you on that
  4. I've had several that I made myself and I thought were worth sharing. Current: http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/2631/picture1ru1.png Old 1: http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/4687/pi...e1194413zv8.png Older 1: http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/6594/picture1td8.png They're 1440 by 960, I didn't want to stretch the page or make 56kers explode trying to load this.
  5. Shared Network

    Nope, it's pretty much two identical Imacs running side by side, except i have 500GB of hard drive space . And then another 500 from an external one lol , hmm renaming the imacs cancel the vision of my brother's clone pc server thing. But renaming mine had no dice, my dad can still see my computer with a cloned version. ARG
  6. Introduce Yourself

    Hello Chris nice to meet you, I'll be sure to grab a nice fish for you. Take your pick lol
  7. Shared Network

    I'm having some weird problem with my shared network at home. I have several computers hooked onto my network and sometimes I see doubles of the same computer. For example my brother's computer is called Nick's computer, then I see his clone ethernet address as a guest connect by the name of mac00...(ethernet address). And instead of said clone being a Mac server, in the description it says PC server. To tell you the truth it scared the living out of me, anyone have an ideas? I'll post a pic if needed if no one understands.
  8. Introduce Yourself

    I kind of feel bad for bumping this thread, but I couldn't help myself. Well I'm Garrett, nice to meet everyone. I'm a sophomore in high school, I play varsity football, i love music, computers, and electronics. I live in Texas, and I'm the oldest out of all my siblings. I listen to lots of metal, alternative, screamo, and techno lol. I skateboard, skimboard, snowboard, and fish alot as well. I'm a huge Mac fan boy heh. Hope to get to know everyone and learn more about how I can make my computer awesome.