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  1. Thanks for the reply, I must have missed your post. Ill give that a shot and see what happens. Thanks again.
  2. Was it a fresh install of 10.6.3 or did you upgrade? Just use software update and everything worked ok? Any problems after the upgrade? Id like to upgrade to 10.6.3 but dont want to risk crashing my box.
  3. Easiest way to install ATI x1600 pro AGP drivers

    Wow really? no one has anything for me? Can anyone tell me the easiest way to install the x1600 AGP 512MB drivers? or point be to a good walk through, everthing ive found doesnt work. I got closer, but now the screen is half blue with a cursor the bottom half is all garbled. Ive edited the kext files for my device id, but it didnt help. Does anyone know what happened to the natit installer? does it work with 10.5.7? Someone has to know something!
  4. Ive been all over the forums and google and have come up with many ways to install the drivers for my x1600 pro agp card, which use to work fine a while back when i was using 10.4.8. So far everything ive tried either leaves me with a blue screen (the hot corner trick is pretty slick) or i get kernel panics and have to reinstall. and any way i try only gives me resolution, not QE and the others. I seem to recall that there use to be a natit application that would install everything for you, reboot and its done. Ive been out of the scene for a while and came back to give it another shot, but cant seem to find any solid how-tos on how to get this going. Is there any automatic ways of installing these without having to edit kexts and the like? was hoping it would have gotten a bit more streamlined now. Im using the ideneb 10.5.7 dvd, on a Asus P5PE-VM board, have everything working, audio, lan, etc. ive tried the x1600 drivers on the dvd and it just gives me a blue screen with a cursor, (and no way to get the hot corner trick working) thanks for any help you can give. video is the only thing im missing at this point. (only took me about 20 installs to figure out the right combination)
  5. Has anyone used natit with their 8.10.1 kernel? The website says its only for 8.8.1 and i dont want to crash my system. Im currently using an ATI x1600 pro, i had res and full QE/CI after my install or 10.4.8 jas reseed intel only dvd. but it was lost after the 10.4.10 upgrade downloaded off the bay. it had something under custom for graphics card kexts that i chose to install, but i guess it didnt work. Any help or advice would be great! Thanks Nick
  6. Wireless Cards That Work

    If you cant figure it out then perhaps its a little above your pay grade. there is no room for the language here. if you dont have anything constructive to add then dont post at all. Your post helped absolutely nobody. Sounds like you need to do some reading if you dont know how to edit kext files. Running OSX isnt for the faint of heart and no one is going to hold your hand through the entire thing. Either you have what it takes to make it work or you dont. And calling the good people that do try to help out new comers to this scene {censored} heads isnt going to make them try harder to solve YOUR problems. Think before you post.
  7. 10.4.9 update from apple killed my hackintosh

    My test machine is the Intel box, not AMD so i dont know why im getting a panic. I cant seem to find a ppf2 disk out there, but have a couple ppf1 disks. But i install fine on my original Jas .8 dvd without any ppfs, and since you said it only fixes a problem with the disk utility i didnt think i needed to install with those. Ill just wait until the full .9 DVD comes out and see what that does. Thanks for the help.
  8. 10.4.9 update from apple killed my hackintosh

    Well i did a test install on another HD and then applied the .9 jas patch right after that and tells me that there were errors with the install to try again. At that point nothing will open (console for instance) and I have to reboot and then am greeted with kernel panics. So its either my machine or a corrupt download of the update. Is .9 worth the upgrade? Any speed improvments, etc? EDIT: That raises another question....Are there any speed benifits for the mifki kernel over the semthex kernel or vise versa? Since im doing another install i got to thinking about it. Ive always used the mifki kernel just because my machine would run it. Is there one that is better than the other as far as performance etc?
  9. 10.4.9 update from apple killed my hackintosh

    Stupid question, what is a ppf? Ive seen them in the titles after i got my Jas 10.4.8 dvd, but dont know what they are. After I installed .8 on my hackintosh, I was able to get the apple security updates with no problem. Have you actually tried out the process you suggested above? What if some updates have been installed/hacks applied? What are the kernel and ext directories? Thanks for the reply.
  10. Like an idiot i didnt check what updates the system update wanted to pull down and i let it install 10.4.9. Now my system gets to 'loading darwin' and reboots. Is there a way to recover from this other than doing a fresh install again? Can you boot off the 10.4.8 install DVD and somehow install the jas 10.4.9 update from a command line? I knew better than to go messing with things, it was running so smooth. Any suggestions to get me out of this mess? Thanks for any help you can give. PS. Will there ever be a 10.4.9 install DVD? possibly a 10.4.8 with a slipstreamed .9 update or something?
  11. DVD Copy Software

    Yeah I just liked the simplicity of fairmount/toast Ive tried MTR and if i was a professional movie producer and cared about what audio bitrate is set for what and the other 1000 options it gives you then i would like the program. but for me with a couple clicks (the least about possible) and have a nice copy of my dvds is good enough for me. i prefer slysoft anydvd and clonedvd for windows, which is still what i use most of the time, but i needed a solution for mac. and this is the closest ive found to a simple solution. but its good to know there are programs out there that can compete with the encryption they are using on a mac.
  12. DVD Copy Software

    Fairmount re-mounts the DVD as a folder and removes the encryption so you can copy it. go into the remounted folder, find the VIDEO_TS folder and copy it to your harddrive somewhere. go into toast 8 and choose the VIDEO_TS option, drag your newly copied folder into toast, and it will auto resize the dvd to fit on any single layer dvd. and presto, a perfect copy of the original. i recommend using sony dvd+r disks for best results on a wide range of dvd players.
  13. DVD Copy Software

    google it.
  14. DVD Copy Software

    Toast 8 actually doesnt copy everything, more times than not i have to use Fairmount to copy the DVD to my HD then use Toast to put it back onto DVD. Wish there was a better way.