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  1. Hey kizwan, If you still have that bricked card, I may be able to help you get it fixed.. PM me here, we'll try a few things.. If it works, we'll update the thread..
  2. For those of you using the ethernet kext by noahboddy99, which AppleAPIC.kext are you using? I have 1.1.0 on a bootcd, and 1.2.0 installed.. If I use the bootcd, the ethernet works. If I don't, it does not. However, either way, the version that is loaded at the end of it is 1.2.0... Just about to try a few other things that I didn't yesterday, but I'd like to hear back on this.. kextstat | grep AppleAPIC is a good start EDIT: Hrm... Stranger and stranger. Built a new boot132 cd that had AppleAPIC v1.2.0 on it, and it's working fine.. Ok.. Going to chalk that up to things being weird and ignore it
  3. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Changing from 10k to non-10k would do nothing at all. Possibly changing from pata to sata or vice versa would, but unlikely if the controller is recognised. More likely the partition is either not active, or is not primary. Installing on a slave disk when no master exists is generally a bad idea as well. Read the readme file that came inside the zip. Can't comment on the vista thing - never used it. But I would suggest you set it as active and then try the dvd. As for the wifi.. What wifi card? Firewire can be made to work most likely (see Chun-Nan's IOPCIFamily & IOPCCardFamily kexts), and mic depends on AppleHDAPatcher. Try disabling AHCI. Seemingly something changed with the SATA support, reducing the number of devices that were supported with AHCI. It's something I'll investigate and resolve as part of my own release. EqUaTe
  4. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    I mean that if you don't need it, don't use it. However, if you couldn't boot/install/whatever w/o it, then you need it, and should not try to restore the vanilla kexts. It's back now. Mediafire is back (patience people!). Don't know about the kb issues tbh. Something on my todo list for my own osx release. Glad to hear it
  5. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    These things happen. I haven't changed anything with the kb/touchpad handling over iatkos r2, so if it worked in that it'll work in this. If it didn't, it won't. iatkos does contain acpips2nub though, which gets it working for most people.
  6. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Sounds like you have a bad iso. However, I wouldn't recommend using disk utility, and if it was actually iatkos, you do not need a DL dvd. As discussed in the readme and in the changelog (see 1st post), very few changes were made for the badbios patch. The only changes are the use of older versions of ACPI and APIC kexts, and the removal of the firewire kexts. I'd be surprised if they would cause performance issues. I do, however, strongly recommend that you only use the badbios patch if you MUST. EqUaTe
  7. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Err... What? This is a patch for the iatkos iso. The leopard gfx update has nothing to do with it at all. To get a terminal, look in Applications/Utilities I haven't supplied any scripts either.. Once you've got the 10.5.2 update installed, the gfx update can be applied from software update...
  8. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Red apple screen? Did you apply both ppf's, or just one? If just one, what options did you select on install?
  9. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    If you don't need to apply the badbios patch to boot, then don't install the ACPI/APIC fix. That's the bad bios fix - I only left it there so that people could install the system on one and move the disk to another (unlikely, but you never know). If you leave that out, it may well work. The ext2fs support is readonly and not very good. General advice for drivers is to ONLY install the ones for your specific hardware. EqUaTe
  10. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    The scripts are specifically designed so as to NOT replace the existing MBR block when a valid one exists. As such, you need to chainload from the vista bootloader. There are probably thousands of guides for this on the internet - google is your friend. Glad to hear it's working A few folk are working on the underlying fault that causes this, and hope to have a better fix that will work w/o having to use older kexts. EqUaTe
  11. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Ah, ok. Starting to make some sense now. I'll have a look at doing this when I get to that stage with my own release (when it's done I'll be linking to it from here and that will also be the end of this thread). What is the exact error message? Can you take a picture of it and upload it somewhere for me? Thanks, EqUaTe
  12. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Hrm. Did you use both ppf's? PM me about it please That sounds very much like bad media or a bad burn. It's possible, however, that that chipset isn't supported by the nforce ata kext. I cannot say for certain. Which bootloader did you select at installation? The lack of rosetta stuff MAY be due to it being leopard, MAY be something specific to iatkos, or may be something else altogether. I can't really say. All of what you've said is pretty much leopard or iatkos specific. The LAN issue - that's actually quite common. Realtek 8139 by any chance? It happens a lot quicker with heavy use. Glad it's working! Look in the first post. Install with NO gfx drivers. If that gets you into osx (the rest of the options you've been choosing should be fine), then PM me. Try these usb controller drivers, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=28559 NForce LAN isn't something I know much about - mysticus may be able to help you there.. But it would definitely involve editing the info.plist with your device id's. It's actually: cpus=1 -v -f But that doesn't look to be your issue.. Is this booting from the dvd, or after install? May be required.. Check with mysticus for now. Not all NForce chipsets are supported at this time. Unless your wifi is the 2200, you're unlikely to get it to work at all at this time. As for the hdd.. It seems that for some reason AHCI support is broken in this patch.. It'll be fine when I do my own release, but for now.. Don't use AHCI. If the dvd works w/o my patch though, you can install from that, then boot into osx and insert my dvd, then fix the bootloader using the darwinefi or darwinx86 packages. You haven't said what board, or what sata controller.. (Chipset is important). As a rule, avoid appleviaata.kext - it's unstable and has severe issues. What happens at the moment? Try turning AHCI off. Don't bother with the bad bios patch, I don't think it'll make any difference (though it might). Glad to read a success story AMD stuff isn't supported by any normal iatkos. The amd patch likely WONT apply over mine, unless the author provided two versions. If you can get mine working on amd, well done. Bear in mind that all these patches are unofficial.
  13. Are you positive it's mini-pcie ? Not mini-pci? Regardless, neither are related to this project really. Your best bet would be to get device id's and make sure they're in /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext/Contents/Info.plist If they're not, add them. (Read the file first before making any changes). Which power management patch are you referring to? If it's the bundle, it's unrelated. It's mostly people using old versions of acpi kexts. I believe that's a common issue with the ralink drivers. It seems they don't work very well on non-mac's. No idea why. It's not an issue with this project. There is a thread somewhere on IM where someone was customising the driver - I'd try to hunt it down and have a look. I'll try and get them to you tomorrow, but your best bet may be to get them off your osx install dvd.. You'll also need that to restore them.
  14. New patch for iATKOS v1.0ir2

    Hmm.. What I've seen suggests that the DS3P is less supported than some of the other variants (such as the DS3R). Anyway, the symptoms you describe so far pretty much fit that. Interestingly, some people that suffer from badbios issues are able to use kalyways release. Don't know why. What happens with you use cpus=1 -v -x ? Last message from you I can see you were saying you were getting 'waiting for root device'. I repeat my original response to this, with a bit more: What controller is this using? What nforce chipset/southbridge? Is this AFTER install, or while trying to boot off the dvd? What do you mean by 'read write fail' ? EqUaTe
  15. Do you see the panic with 10.5.2 beta2 ? Have Sierra Wireless issued leopard drivers for the card? Does the panic occur only if the card is connected, or always? EqUaTe