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  1. Boot Failure since changing SATA Controller

    Ok, i see you solved the problem, but for the future: if you move HDD to another port, system mounts its partitions under another name. For ex., if you moved drive from SATA0 port to SATA1, you'll get a disk1s1 instead of previous disk0s1. In this case you only have to reinstall bootloader and no more. Bootloader installator (for ex., chameleon) will make system volume active for boot.
  2. P67A-UD7 - i7 2600 Build

    i'm afraid CPU-integrated video will be hard to turn on correctly yet :censored2: Didn't you try to boot with external video card and disabled onboard video?
  3. Asus P8p67 pro working on osx 10.6.6

    quite good news! By anyway, i read about FireWire problems here - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;mode=threaded Don't you have any experience with FireWire using on your configuration or any possibility to try this one? Sorry, can't help for ATI, didn't you ever tried Kabyl solution? It helped me for a friend's 5760 card.
  4. try to boot from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], Psystar boot cds etc. If you'll get a working keyboard in this case, you may to extract correct drivers from these cds. Othervise, i may only recommend to buy usb kbd and mouse, its cheep enough and working 100%
  5. Custom PC, can I run OSX?

    Hi guys! Does anyone tried to install Snow retail on similar hw? The same mobo as in topic start/AMD Phenom II x4 965 Socket AM3/HD5670 video? Or just patched kernels compatible? Many thanks for any info related!
  6. Hi bro, there are some good news! I got a working native SL in this MoBo! To install Snow Leo: 1) Enable HPET in BIOS, i choosed 64-bit mode. Also i disabled IDE and switched SATA to Enhanced mode (may be not mandatory, but as is)) 2) Boot from any SL-supporting CD bootloader (i used psystar) 3) Bootloader gives us a possibilities to run original SL DVD and install OS from it. At the end of install process it says "Usucsesful" as always, its ok. 4) I installed 10.6.2 update before installing an HDD bootloader, think its better choice 5) Install a bootloader (Chameleon 2rc4) and added some kexts to Extra folder (attached). 6) Patch dsdt by a simple DSDTPatcher GUI app (or use my attached ready dsdt) 7) restart and enjoy Anyway, there is still a lot of work - enable fan speed managing, sleep etc. But at least we have a fully working and operable system. Fans management and sleep are desireable, but not necessary. p.s. i do not use onboard video, sound, and ps/2 devices. DSDT.zip Extra.rar
  7. Hiya! I just bought this mobo and tried to install Snow Leo native. After update to 10.6.2 i got a "CPU 1 has no HPET assigned to it" kernel panic. I read it may be fixed by dsdt edit, but it don't want to compile - compiler said "unexpected end". No more ideas :censored2: p.s. with rebel efi startup cd boots ok.