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  1. Hi guys in this amazing forum, I need help to get rid of fake cpuid for W-2191B in Opencore. Both of my Clover and Opencore can boot normally with fake cpuid 0x0506E4 in Clover and Cpuid1Data E4060500 00000000 00000000 00000000 and Cpuid1Mask FFFFFFFF 00000000 00000000 00000000 in Opencore. However once I delete them, My High Sierra (iMac Pro) can't boot and stuck at 'End Randomseed' for both Clover and Opencore. Based on this thread for getting of fake cpuid , I think at least the fake cpuid is unnecessary in Opencore. I'm really confused that why I need the fake cpuid for Apple natively supported CPU. I attaced my config files, DSDT, and boot log to seek your help. config.plist config_with_cpuid.plist DSDT.dsl opencore-2020-11-21-152132.txt
  2. Hello @yapan4, I just tried your clover EFI, but my High Sierra was still stuck at 'End Randomseed'. By the way, the clover also have another issue that the clover menu is frozen for mins and will be restored in a few minis. I tried some versions but the issue is the same. This issue just makes me wait mins but it doesn't affect the boot to desktop if you put the fake cpuid in config.plist.