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  1. Installed and running Big Sur but only able to get 1 DP output. Having been trying different boot options and settings but unsuccessful. Hoping to get any ideas on this and what I'm missing. I've read countless threads and probably tired them just out of desperation. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks! I'm guessing it could be DVMT-prealloc but i've done the framebuffer and that didn't help. I've tried setting DVMT on a Dell desktop under Clover before on catalina but still only single monitor. However, couldn't find a good way to very it set to 64MB or 128MB. https://github.com/optiplex-osx/Dell-OptiPlex-7040-Clover-EFI GPU acceleration is working. Applied the kernel patches as shown in screen shot. I have tired the usual but no effect so removed the framebuffer settings. PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) AAPL,ig-platform-id 00001219 framebuffer-fbmem 00009000 framebuffer-patch-enable 01000000 framebuffer-stolenmem 00003001 Current boot args (yes duplicating AGDP disablement) but why not agdpmod=ignore igfxonln=1 agdpmod=pikera Desktop System is Dell Optiplex 7040 i7-6700 Skylake 6th gen. Intel HD530 iGPU OC 0.6.3 using Whatevergreen.kext 1.4.4. config.plist is pretty standard following Skylake recommedation. https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/config.plist/skylake.html#starting-point
  2. Hi @Hervé I apologize if it seem I wasn't trying to follow your changes. I was and I was trying different combinations. As mentioned in the early post, I continue to inject con2 because the default is HDMI where it should be DP. The interesting thing, and i'm not sure why, with or w/o con2 injection, the primary display is always DP and it works. This display has to be connected at boot up. So I tried your EXACT suggestion...I still only get 1 display. I'm willing to try any other suggestions. thanks again.
  3. Hi @Hervé Is it possible to use iGPU and dGPU simultaneously? I just don't think it is possible with the framebuffers to do this. I've searched all over and yet to see real results that dual monitor works for HD 530. thanks.
  4. Is there a tool in Win10 that I can run to find out the exact iGPU configuration? I assume it should still be the same when running on Big Sur.
  5. Right..I think I was confused with the definition of the term port. Looking at IOReg for my Optiplex 7040, this is what is assigned AppleIntelFramebuffer@0 port-number is 0x0 AppleIntelFramebuffer@1 port-number is 0x5 AppleIntelFramebuffer@2 port-number is 0x6 Therefore, similar to your example, this is the same as how I am injecting framebuffer con0 (FB@0) is Port 0 con1 (FB@1) is port 5 (i.e. connector 0105... in the platform layout definition) con2 (FB@2) is Port 6 (i.e. connector 0204... in the platform layout definition) <- is my primary boot display (working one) Adding con3 as HDMI pipe 8 and pipe 10. But also in IOReg, there is unknown characters. See blue highlight. And also FB@3 is not created or visible in IOReg. thanks.
  6. Maybe I don't understand port 6 is the same as connection 0204? I thought if you have something like this 02040A00 00040000 87010000, 02 = Port, 04 = busId, 0A = pipe, etc... Okay...tried increasing port count and injected con3: No go still. I'll try switch con3 to HDMI. IOReg still shows only 3 connectors I also went back and added pipecount even though its not in the screenshot. still no difference in number of connectors. However, if you look at IOReg -> framebuffer-portcount, it is special characters. Makes me wonder is that a valid injection? thanks.
  7. Hi @Hervé Thanks for your continued help. And yes I noticed the SKL is mobile and so milage may very. change the connector type of DP output #1 to HDMI -> tried...no go change the pipe of DP output #1 to 0x10 -> tried no go change the Index and Bus id of DP output #1 to 0306 (since you get video out of DP #2) -> tried no go mix 2 & 3 -> tried no go change port count to 4 and add a 4th DP or HDMI connector with Index/Bus id 0306 How do you change the port count? Or is it just a matter of injecting another conX? If so, I've tried it and no go also. replace the dummy connector by a 3rd DP or HDMI connector How reliable is Hackintool if WEG is the release version? Hackintosh says my current working DP is port 6 but port 2 is the correct seeing. If I change index 2 to port 6, just no signal. Let me know if you want to see any IOreq or hackintosh screen shots or logs. thanks.
  8. baconeveryday

    Opencore won't boot with my GPU

    Have you tried just removing all settings for the iGPU? It worked for me with the latest WhateverGreen.kext My Big Sur install was on a Dell desktop Optiplex 7040
  9. Thanks for the comments. I agree I would not need the conX [busid,Index]. I went ahead to be certain. I did have to correct the type from HDMI to DP on con2. For completeness, SMBios is set to iMac17,1 The motherboard has 2 DP ports and 1 HDMI. I just want to use 2 displays, 2 DP or 1 DP and 1 HDMI. Either combination doesn't matter. IOReg shows only 2 DP. My only guess why IOReg only shows 2 display is that my Framebuffer Port Limit is 2 currently according to Hackintool->Patch->Patch->Advanced. Is this a correct assumption? Oddly enough Hackintool shows 3 connectors. So I could try to inject BusID6. Is there significance why BusID 4 and 6 have the same Pipe 10? Would appreciate and suggestions on how to match the outputs. I will search around and see what I cant find. thanks.