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  1. HWSensors

    Yes, thanks, It will help. Maybe I'll force thermal type detection regarding to bios name I am not sure. Just bought my first AMD card HD5450, made specific injector, set FB name in chameleon and nothing in clover and it works and injects ATY,bin_image
  2. HWSensors

    Could you please attach IORegistryExploer.app dump? I have HD5450 but still can't make it work with GTX680 together. I want to see if successfully initialized ATI card has rom present somewhere to parse it in monitoring driver.
  3. HWSensors

    I am not develop plugins, only port some working code from windows and linux from other developers and maintain it.
  4. HWSensors

    I can solve this problem without restricting some people from monitoring their PCH and CPU temps. Maybe I'll update ACPISensors later.
  5. HWSensors

    Sorry, you hardware is unsupported.
  6. HWSensors

    Seems you hardware is unsupported. Sorry, but I have no idea what's the chip is on you motherboard.
  7. HWSensors

    Yes, FAN[0-F] again. But you can change it in info.plist to any name you wish. The first column is the key it should be FAN[0-F], the second column is DSDT's fan method name - you can change it to RPM[0-F] or any other name.
  8. HWSensors

    I meed more info. While installing Hwsensors, open console and check installer messages
  9. HWSensors

    Done. You can rename System Fan #1 in your motherboard profile in MotherboardSensors's info.plist.
  10. HWSensors

    Good to know but without install log or screenshot if it's KPs I can't do nothing.
  11. HWSensors

    Sorry, Fabio. I have no idea how to fix this. I only ported part of the nouveau engine to work with HWSensors.