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  1. Today i am have freezing with GPU temp 39 and CPU 36
  2. Guys! If you think the freezing is caused by cooling, then why they not available if QE not active or AppleIntelGMAX3100GLDriver.bundle is absent? i Deleted AppleIntelGMAX3100GLDriver.bundle, and temp of my GPU more than 60 and no freezes.
  3. I absolutely do not have any complaints to you and very grateful to you for help. English is not my native language, and perhaps I can explain not sufficiently clear. With your files I have everything working perfectly, the only exception is the FB from 10.5.8, which you recommended to install. I of course use "UseKernel Cache = Yes." But when I first started the system, the cache is missing, and she created it. Perhaps "Legacy speedstep kext" loaded correctly (you know better), but in ioreg I see the following picture: CPUPlimit and IOPersonalityPublisher is absent. When I reboot the system, it already has kernelcache, and then "speedstep kext" loaded correctly and speedstep works. Ioreg shows the following: I just want to say that legacy kext loaded only when using the option "UseKernel Cache = Yes." and the presence of a previously created cache. If the system re-creates the cache at startup, you need to reboot to get it working. Previously, I did not know and I have a misunderstanding. Maybe I'm not the only one. Subject to the EDID I know a long time. I can use the native drivers of the system correctly, replacing DisplayProductID-717, and can simply be replaced by FB Kext on FB 1.5.18, even without natit.kext. In both cases, the graphics are fine, except of course the Lion, in which there were freezing. If not the freezing of the screen, I would not touch my x3100. Here's another interesting observation. Pay attention to the "IODisplayPrefsKey" "DisplayProductID" and "DisplayVendorID" when a first start the system (when it works FB from 10.5.8), and in the second. They are different. And if for the first case the system uses "DisplayProductID-717", then the second I found nothing. I think this explains the blue screen after rebooting. The system can not find the correct profile and works differently. I watch this trick long ago.
  4. i installed fresh Lion 10.7.2 with 3100FB 1.5.36, and on first start system my screen work good. But i have ext monitor and i (as usual) activated him as general and then changed resolution from 1024*1280 to native 1680*1050. Then i created first ioreg. On first start system (load without kernelCache), Legacy_SpeedStep_MacBook32_107.kext (as see in ioreg) not loaded, and i restarted system. After restart i see blue screen. If resolution to return back, the blue screen remains. Then I installed FB 1.6.26 and the system has booted correctly, I created a second ioreg. Arc_Alex_nik2.zip
  5. Hi! Report: With FB kext from 10.5.8 ( - Now blue screen and system does not work in the background. With FB kext 1.5.18 (which previously always loaded with no problems) - Now is also a blue screen, but the system works in the background, it is possible to use Applescript to get ioreg The system starts with only Kext from 10.6.7 (I have no other), but continues freeze arc Alex_nik.zip
  6. First: install X3100FB.kext 1.5.18 and Natit.kext, then see whats happend. Blue screen in Lion only and on older OS?
  7. macq, latest drivers X3100 for 64 bits were in 10,6,2, for this reason in 10.7 is no acceleration on X64. Definitely look for startup options to i386. It is likely that you can help a simple substitution 3100FB + Natit, they laid out earlier in this topic. it helped me with a blue screen. Subsequently natit.kext can be replaced by a patch in dsdt. In general, here we discuss the problem of freezing the screen in a lion :wink2:
  8. This is my DSL's + sys info from ubuntu and ioreg from clean lion 10.7.2 with clean dsdt (from ubuntu). kexts in system: 3100fb 1.5.18; fakesmc 3.1.0; ps\2 (not voodoo); patched AppleRTC; IntelCPUmonitor 1.0; VoodooMonitor 1.1.1. Speedstep working in this case with Chameleon. Archive.zip Thanks)
  9. In my case, the KP does not bother me. My problem is freezing, not only when using Flash. What's wrong can be with DSDT? DSDT is attached just in case. DSDT.aml.zip
  10. Question to all who have problems with the freezing of the screen: Does anyone work sleep? Are there any problems when coming out of sleep? Is there anyone who regularly works the sleep, but the screen keeps freezing?
  11. juanerson, thank you for your help. The last few days I tested Legacy_SpeedStep_MacBook32_107.kext. i tested in different variations: with a hack for x3100 in DSDT, with FB.kext (1.5.18), with different methods of plant speedstep (DSDT and Chameleon). In all cases, I kept getting the screen freezing. 3100FB from 10.5.8 i could not be tested, because after the system startup, before the advent of the desktop, it caused a shutdown or reboot the system (depending on where, in the devise (gfx0), where I have substituted a hack). if I substituted a hack at the beginning of the device, then reboot. If I substituted in the end, then turn off.
  12. how to monitor kekst may affect spidstep? As far as I know, IntelCPUMonitor.kext need to monitor CPU temperature and no more. Or am I mistaken?
  13. I used your Legacy_SpeedStep_MacBook32_107.kext.zip for my merom C2D T7250,but he seems to not load, because in ioreg I do not see it. In smbios i changed model to mb3.2. that may be incorrect?