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    Attansic L1 Driver Project

    Hi Jimmy, thank you for posting that link. I looked through all the drivers but there aren't any for the Attansic ID 1969:1062. There are for the 1969:1026 though so close.... I am currently using the LinksysUSB200M which works well...although the throughput (approx. 200kBs) is not as good as the built in port even while using the right kext for it.
  2. Hi fellow D250 owners. Following this thread I did this: Upon boot, keyboard and touchpad work...(Note: in iDeneb 1.5 they don't) At the Darwin screen>select your language Continue From the menu select disk utilities>partition and choose where you want to install OSX and format it as mac os extended (journaled). I always name mine with a single short word like OSX as this makes life easier when you are in Terminal =) Quit the disk utility. Continue. Select the target disk Continue. Click Customize Select these * Patches 10.5.6 ready * Alternate Essential Patch ACPI kext 10.5.6 * PS2 Fix for ACPI kext 10.5.6 PS2 Fix Mouse * Audio Apple Azalia Audio * Chipset ICHx Fixed * Kernel Kernel 9.5.0 Voodoo * Network * Ethernet * Wireless * Fix Cpus=1-Fix Battery Manager Seatbelt fix * System Utilities * Video Intel Intel GMA950 * Applications Done Install Skip disk checking Once the installation is complete, at the darwin boot screen, hit space and enter -f. First time it booted it stalled after the selection of the user picture so I rebooted. Next time it rebooted fine and has done so ever since. Install GMA950 package which Colonel uploaded (double click) reboot Install osx86tools, run and enable quartz - reboot Open osx86tools again and select boot flags. The line already has: cpus=1 make it cpus=1 ForceWake=y Reboot At this point the ethernet doesn't work. I am not aware of *any* working driver for the Attansic chip (1969:1062) so that is why I didn't install one at the customize menu. So got a Linksys USB200M for $10 from ebay. Setup network automatically. I also added the USBAx8817x_103b11 kext package. Ethernet now runs OK but it is not as fast as the built in one (max throughput approx. 200kBs). So at this point in the installation: USB works at HiSpeed, ethernet works, screen 1024x600 quartz, sound works, keyboard works, touchpad and some gestures work (like double click), battery monitor works. What doesn't work - mic, video camera, ethernet port, (not sure about the card reader). I am confident that the mic, and video camera can be solved with the voodoo kexts but haven't had time to try them yet (voodooHDA). I would love the ethernet to work but I think we may never get a driver for it (unless Reader02 is reading this thread). The alternative distro for the D250 is iAtkos v7. This one works *really* well. The problem I had was USB speed...just couldn't get it above FullSpeed 1.1. But video worked and I think the mic, full touchpad gestures (voodoo), sound (with voodooHDA), kernel 9.7 and it was 10.5.7. Hope this helps someone.
  3. maxymaxy

    Attansic L1 Driver Project

    Hi I'm in the same situation. I have a Aspire D250 with a stable iATKOSv7. Mouse gestures, quartz, sound, video all work. What is missing is the wired LAN. I have tried *all* the current Attansic drivers and changed the device ID but none of them work on the 1969:1062 revc0 version (AR8132). A Linux driver exists for the AR8132 so it will need to be ported over. Reader02 has done this successfully before. So he might be our only hope. Apart from the LAN issue the D250 handles 10.5.7 very well and would be a great 'Acertosh' with a six cell battery and 2GB ram.