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  1. hello, i have a macbook pro 17" 2007 (3,1) and swapped the superdrive for a sata pata hdd adapter (and a hdd obviously) and had no problems so far, everything worked perfectly. i tried to install win7 via bootcamp, couldn't boot from install dvd with two different external usb dvd drives, opened the macbook, took the 2nd hdd adapter out, superdrive in again and the dvd bootet just fine, installed windows, worked perfectly for a day, but stopped as i put the 2nd hdd back in. suddenly i have the choice between two "Windows" labeled symbols (in diskutil there's just osx, win and the 200mb partl) and both of them just show me "missing operating system" if selected. osx works though and the 2nd hdd has nothing to do with it as windows ist on the first one too... any ideas?
  2. I deleted the whole hdd, created 2 new partitions and reinstalled vista, this time on the first partition - half an hour before your post Thank You anyway, that was the first solution that really seemed to made sense, in 3 different boards! I'm sorry i shed hope too soon At least it works now with osx part. active just out of curiosity: is there a way to enter directly in osx after selecting it in the vista bootloader, deleting the vista entry in the darwin bootloader while keeping it in the vista bootloader or something like that? thanks !
  3. could anyone please write the new link to the sound driver solution, link refers to the wrong thread/post (btw. graphics isn't correct either)?
  4. Hallooo! Ich versuchs mal hier im deutschen Bereich, in den F3SC Thread in dem ich schon gepostet hab schaut keiner mehr rein, also neuer Versuch hier um Doppelpostings zu vermeiden. Ausgangslage: Asus Notebook (F3SC), 1. Partition leer->OSX, 2. Partition Vista vor OSX installiert. Habe Kaly 10.5.1, 10.5.2 und Leo4all v3 installiert, überall das gleiche Problem. Wenn ich nach der Installation die Vista Partition flagge startet es ohne Probleme(aber natürlich ohne Auswahlmöglichkeit OSX zu booten). Problem: Setze ich dann in Vista die OSX Partition active bekomm immer "H00000800" und 2 zeilen drunter hfs+ partition error. Wenn ich nach erneutem von DVD booten und Vista Part. active setzen einen Eintrag für OSX in EasyBCD vornehme und "HFS+ Partition Error" über EasyBCD repariere bekomm ich einen chain booting error wenn ich OSX auswähle. Versuche diesen Fehler durch ergoogelte Anleitungen zu Beheben schlugen fehl. Wenn ich allerdings direkt nach der frischen OSX Installation Vista active setze, EasyBCD Eintrag mache, HFS+ Error repariere und neu starte funktioniert es aber eigenartigerweise fast schon. Ich komm zum Darwin Bootloader wo ich, wenn ich 5 sec lang nichts drücke zurück zum Vista Bootloader komme(wiederum das selbe wenn ich Vista wähle) und OSX starten kann wenn ich nochmals OSX wähle. Eigenartigerweise funktioniert diese fehlerhafte aber zumindest funktionierende Methode nur so lange bis ich die osx part. einmal active gesetzt habe.. sobald das geschehen ist bekomm ich immer einen chain booting error.. Weiß jemand woran das liegen könnte oder wie man zumindest den Standardeintrag im Darwin Loader ändern kann? Vielen Dank!
  5. if i do so i get a "hfs+ partition error" without possibility to select anything, i have to put in the vista dvd and active vista partition back. if i active then the osx partition and click on fix hfs+ partition error in easybcd it gives me a "hfs+ partition error" anyway. if i active the vista part again, add osx in easybcd and repair the hfs+ part error the vista loader shows me the 2 entries correctly, i get to vista if i select it, but if i select osx it gives me a "chain booting error" and i have to install it again to "work" (osx entry in vista loader =darwin loader, not directly osx) as before
  6. Can't install OSx86 on Asus notebook!

    bios flashed? http://osrom.net/biosmod/
  7. "Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Intel Amd (sse2/sse3) EFI V8" was the title. i'll try it now with kaly 10.5.1 by doing exactly what is written here, as already said i'm quite new here and without even knowing which updates/packages are included, listed, available or neccessary I think I should go that way edit: vista bootloader -> vista -> vista boots vista bootloader -> osx -> darwin loader -> countdown reaches 0 -> back to vista bootloader vista bootloader -> osx -> darwin loader -> vista -> back to vista bootloader vista bootloader -> osx -> darwin loader -> osx -> osx boots same prob as b4, i'll try now to set osx part. active again
  8. installed osx the 4th time now (nut just because of the booting thing), every time the same. differences: didn't choose Vanilla_ACPI_fix and BOOT_efi_mbr (not listed in kaly 10.5.2, thought that would be installed automatically) and didn't use the virginizer (didn't see much differences to orig. osx on my macbook) ?
  9. yeah that made sense for me too but then i get h0000000000 hfs+ partition error if i set it active and then repair hfs+ partition error in easybcd i get a chain boot error? have i got to change drive in change settings in easybcd? atm vista and osx are set to C:\ sorry but i'm quite new to the whole boot thing, i had 2 macbooks b4 ^^
  10. Great Tutorial, got my F3Sc working, a part of it at least Both Cores, Audio, ethernet, nvidia 8400m g work great dual boot is ok but with som errors. I did exactly what is written in the tut (= don't know where ist the mistake ) If i go to OSX an hit enter in the vista loader i get a 5 second timer of darwins loader. if i do not hit any key it jumps back to bista loader^^ If i go to OSX, hit enter, put my ass on the keyboard to hit any key and then select osx one more time and press enter it works.. Someone could tell me please what have i got to get that working as intended?
  11. hummm ive got a macbook with leopard(apple) and an asus notebook with 10.5.2(kalyway) since it's not very easy to access the internal hdd of my asus notebook i wondered what would be the easiest way to install leo. retail? is it possible to use/boot/whatever a hackintosh in firewire target disk mode? If not, have i got to shrink down the kaly partition, create a new partition, install retail leo, then delete kaly partiton and append it? sorry i read a lot today but maybe not enough to avoid eventually embarrassing questions.. thanks!