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  1. Thanks, but still no change. Goes to sleep, never wakes up, or logs any error. Interesting that after I pull the plug to shut it down, when I plug it in again, it turns itself on automatically.
  2. Hello, I used the patch and there is no CMOS reset anymore, but I still get a black screen upon waking up. Tried to disable hibernation, darkewake=0, but still no avail, and nothing is mentioned on the logs. Using 10.7.3, sleepenabler, on an Asus A3f laptop.
  3. Windows 7, an OS X and Linux killer?

    Hello, I've been using Windows 7 since build 6801, and I have to say it is extremely good. With Vista's look and XP's perfomance, this is certainly an excelent Operating System. I even have build 7000 installed in my Desktop, and games run better than they ran in Vista Still, I'm not giving up Mac OS X in my laptop, I like when people look to an Asus A3F and see Apple's operating System running
  4. working startup and shutdown sound

    A hacked one, of course Asus A3F
  5. working startup and shutdown sound

    That's pretty cool But it would be cooler if I could modify my BIOS to play that sound (instead of the default one) on startup and to show the Apple Splash Screen (Instead of the Asus logo )
  6. can't connect external usb drive since osx86

    Hello, have you tried upgrading the drivers in Device Manager?
  7. Uninstall Linux

    Hello, to uninstall GRUB you can boot with the Windows XP CD, wait for it to load, then press "R" (Repair), and in the command line write: fixboot fixmbr And it will do it. To get your Mac working, you can do it using the "chain0" file, copying it to the Windows root, and then adding this line to the boot.ini: C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" If you want to boot with Darwin, just boot up with Gparted, select the Hfs partition, right click, manage flags, and tick the "boot" box.
  8. Hello, I have Windows 7 and Mac OS X. This is how I did it (several times, actually): -Install Windows 7; -Install Mac OS X; -Use Gparted to flag the Windows partition. You can boot now with Windows 7, but still no Mac. -Copy "chain0" to the root; -Create a file named "boot.ini" in the root, and paste this code: -Reboot. Now if you select the second line, "Mac OS X", you will be able to boot Mac. Good luck!
  9. Hello, I bought this USB wireless card. It works perfectly, but now I needed do connect to an eduroam network, with 802.1x encryption, and I can't find where to insert the credentials (user name and password). Is it necessary to insert them in System Preferences>Network or in the Asus card software? Thanks.
  10. Hi, where did you get that build? In microsoft.com or in a torrent site? Thanks
  11. Belkin f5d8010 on PCI.

    Hello, any update for this yet? I managed to get the card to be detected, but there are no drivers. Thanks
  12. AppleHDA for Realtek ALC660

    Hello, I used this patch so I could use my mic, and now none of them worked (audio and mic). How can I "rollback" to the previous driver? Without reinstalling the operating system again? Thanks.
  13. Driver ALC660

    Hello, I have Kalyway 10.5.2 installed in my laptop. IS there any sound drivers for the Realtek ALC660? With the one I have now (the original driver) I cannot control the volume. If there isn't any other driver for this, is there any program that allows to control the volume? Just like Shades to control the brighness of the screen. Thanks. EDIT: My mistake, no ALC600, but ALC660. I've found some drivers, but they won't control the volume. Is there any software to do this? Thanks again.
  14. Well, this is a bump I've installed VMware Fusion in my Laptop, and I want to use the bootcamp partition. I have 3 partitions: the first is a system partition (which has the boot files), the second is Windows 7 and the third the HFS for Mac. When I try to run the bootcamp VM, it shows the boot menu, but if I choose Windows 7, an error appears: "The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible". I guess VMware can't access the second partition, which has W7. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.