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    Automator task to cleanly shutdown a headless OSX?

    Hmm, the numbers answers are not overwhelming... ;-) I have got another solution working for me: a) release screen sharing. use another Mac or TightVNC on another PC to access the screen. so i could at least get in touch with my OSX and shut it down cleanly. RIN67630
  2. Hi all here, The life of a hackintosher might be hard, especially when working on monitor and EDID issues. When your jewel boots, but becomes headless due to monitor issues, the current way is to long press the power button. This stops abruptly OSX not seldom leaving the file system in an inconsitent state. Would one of the experts here be so kind to write something like an automator task that would shutdown OSX gently stopping all apps by default even without a monitor on a given keyboard combination? I think this would be a huge improvement for all of us, who get suddenly blind due to a monitor issue and save hundreds of hours booting in another instance in order to fix the file system. 1000 thanks in advance. RIN67630
  3. Can't cleanly boot from USB without involving my HD. Hi group, I am a bit lost now... My main OSX drive appears to be corrupted (according to Disk utility). OSX Snow-Leopard works so far. I should boot from another disk in order to repair that drive. Whenever I boot from that other disk: a USB drive (over Chameleon) the boot works, but the USB drive stops and apparently passes on to the internal HD, which loads the system and only at the end the USB drive seems to "finish" the boot. At the end I have a working OSX, but again Disk Utility refuses to repair the internal HD since it is in use... How can I force a plain USB boot leaving the HD untouched? I tried to change the boot order in BIOS, tried to boot with -x, to boot without caches, even disable the disk in the Bios... nothing helps. OK I could physically remove the disk, but i'd like to avoid tampering my notebook. Can someone help? Thank you. Laszlo
  4. Laszlo Lebrun

    Atheros AR242x.802.11 abg working/not working

    Thank you, i highly appreciate your support. I will try swapping the cards that next week-end, this implies to dismantle quite a lot of the notebooks. I just was waiting for a newly ordered 3G card to come, so i won't need to dismantle the laptop twice. I will verify the /Extra/smbios.plist this evening, that one is easy.
  5. Laszlo Lebrun

    Atheros AR242x.802.11 abg working/not working

    Thank you. Hmm the current AR242x.802.11 abg is Apple standard as well and works in one notebook.
  6. Hi nerds here, could i tap your experience? I have got two pretty similar notebooks. The first one has got an Atheros AR242x.802.11 abg Ven_168c/Dev_001c/Rev 01 perfectly working. system profiler sees the Atheros card @ en0 The second one has got an Atheros AR242x.802.11 abg Ven_168c/Dev_001c/Rev 04 not working (cannot be started) and not "seen" by the system profiler. The card works perfectly with windows. The two systems have got some differences in the PCI bridges. The first on with the working card has PCI ports 1,2,4 all with an Ich8 chip. On this system the Atheros driver comes with IRQ19 and Memory@FE2000000. The second on with the non-working Atheros has got PCI bridge ports 1 and 3 only, all with the same Ich8 chip. On this system the Atheros driver comes with IRQ18 and Memory@FC2000000. Can this be the explanation of the behaviour differences? Have you got a clue how to fix it? Thank you.
  7. Could you please tell me which BIOS version and which Bios settings you have to run your Hackintosh? V1.30 does not even load the iAtkos disk. Can't boot, get "waiting for root device" which use to be a mismatch in the DSDT. RIN67630 Me, Me, Me! Would you please send me your working DSDT? I currently (with the V1.30 Bios) can't boot at all. Thank you very much for your Chrismas present to me... ;-) RIN67630
  8. Laszlo Lebrun

    Install Mac OS X Leopard on external usb hdd

    It usually works. You have got basically two ways to boot: a) from a chameleon session on your HD. from a chameleon session on your external drive, you need then to start with F12. Sometimes having a chameleon bootloader on both can lead to unwanted loops. I use to use first option on my private notebook, good way to recover crashed OSX sessions from the USB drive. I use to use second option on my corporate notebook, good way to use it privately on a bus trip without leaving anything on my corporate HD. Go, go for it. Laszlo
  9. Dear group, I would like to open a thread in order to share my experience on what is influencing success with OSX. I had three very similar pretty usual notebooks with GMA950 chipsets and GMA945 integrated graphics card at my disposal and tried on everyone a good old iAtkos 10.5.7 installation. In a first version, all three notebooks were running pretty well with 10.5.7 and had full native resolution 1400x1050 in addition to full HD resolution on the external monitor. All three notebooks where sharing pretty exactly the same LSPCI (long version) data. The GMA945 part of the listing is absolutely identical, only a small difference on the ICH7 chipset memory ranges and IRQ could be found (which were not relevant for success). Than I updated the manufacturer BIOS of the three machines. That completely jeopardised my OSX on one machine. I never could get it to run OSX with GMA drivers again. On another machine (having absolutely exactly the same LSPCI (long version) data, it ran much better. The only difference between those two notebooks is the processor: a core2duo worked well, the Centrino based machine was not able to run OSX 10.5.7 any more (with a 10.5.2 and obsolete drivers it could run but w/o CE+QI). The third machine (having a slightly different LSPCI and WiFi Card) ran as good as the first one. Stupidly, I cannot get the old BIOS back... So my conclusions: 1) even with absolutely identical LSPCI listings, the Intel processor type matters ! 2) even with the same hardware, another BIOS can completely change your results! I think it could have been interesting for us to share that kind of experiences. On most contributions people speak only about their graphic cards and the device ID, and do not mention the rest. Regards. Laszlo.
  10. I am pretty sure to have installed Ubuntu without bootloader. Chameleon found the partition and booted it like a charm.
  11. Hi folks, i am not fond of the command line, nor am I very Unix skilled. So I use to use an USB drive to boot into another OSX whenever i screwed my OSX (which happens frequently). Chameleon is almighty! But since i can also boot into Linux on the same hard disk, which is faster than USB, i strive to be able to make my repairs from there. HFS+ drivers installed, OSX is accessible. I just haven't got the permissions. Can someone explain how to get access, without changing them on OSX? I've searched for contributions, old ones mention tha you need to disable jounalling, which isn't that sexy. Is it still actual? To match OSX permissions, would it be enough to create a new Linux user with the same name and same password? Thank you for advice. I hope for your understanding, try and error is very time consuming, "stealing" your experience is faster and may also help others. Laszlo
  12. Sure you can install Ubuntu 10.10 without a grub2 (at least an almighty one taking precedence over all others). I have done it, was pretty simple. I just can't remember the exact procedure. If you wait for a few days you will get a advice using 11.04. ;-) Stay tuned. Laszlo P.S. while I was writing that, came the popup: 11.04 is available!!! Yuhuuuu! Laszlo
  13. Laszlo Lebrun

    What DON'T you do in OS X?

    I still do everything serious using Windows. The first reason for that, is that I won't hurt myself for hours with the blurry Apple font rendering. I stay days long in front of a computer screen, i need crisp and sharp fonts. Even Ubuntu has understood that fonts matters and really made a big deal with version 10.04. and its brilliant perfectly hinted Ubuntu font. Steve still sticks alone to its crappy Adobe rendering from the late 80's, which might be adequate for layouting printed stuff, bus it completely unadapted for screens and day-long reading. Shame on him! It is also damn limited, since it's windows can only be resized from that ridiculous lower right corner. Many applications won't let you really chose where to save, you cannot create a folder on the fly during saving, all things I really miss in a business environment. On dual monitors, getting the menus from the other monitor is also somewhat nerving and frankly absolutely unergonomic. OSx is nice for a netbook-like usage, since it boots up fast and is fancy to use, but I never would use it for longer than half an hour. Just my few cents.... Laszlo
  14. Thank you! That worked well. This community is really great. Laszlo.
  15. Does someone know how to bring Chameleon to go directly into the selection screen and display all OSes available? Thanks Laszlo