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  1. hi chris i made the installer on the usb but when i boot on the usb there is no option to install yosemite can you help thanks
  2. mars1

    Dell Vostro A860 w X3100 drivers working fix

    to bart00 could you post a tutorial of how you got everything working on the dell a860 including your bios settings thanks mars
  3. mars1

    Dell Vostro A860 w X3100 drivers working fix

    So I have Dell Vostro A860 running Iatkos 10.5.6 with everything. hi i have th same laptop and also using iatkos 5i and would like to know which opsions you took when instaling the dvd which drivers did you use to get the wireless atheros,trackpad and pcmcia card reader working i can get some of the stuff working but not everything thanks
  4. mars1

    iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Bootloader: You have 2 choices. You must select one of them for booting your osx86 system. PC_EFI V9 is an "all in one" bootloader and has many options. The most important ones are DSDT override, external kexts and the 64bit mode (snow leo only). DSDT override will be needed for the upcoming updates, otherwise osx86 systems will have kernel panic due to new RTC driver. "External kexts" option allows users to use external location for their special drivers (/Extra/Extensions), this will protect them from the updates. iATKOS v5i installation has all the needed scripts and packages for you to prepare an upgradable system and update like real Macs, but you need to read the information about preparing an upgradable system below. when i instal from the cd and get to the options where do i find the dsdt overide option and the external kext option to ad drivers for instalation thanks
  5. hi when i install from the dvd i have 1 problem i have a ati hd 2900 pro x 512 and when i boot up after installing i get to the grey apple logo and then my whole screen goes full of white blocks that means i can not see or get into the operating system any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. mars1

    iATKOS 10.5.4 DVD release

    hi how do you apply this patch to the iatkos dvd thanks