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  1. Marvell Yukon 88E8072 & Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN

    No one?
  2. Hello, I installed Mac OS X by LeoHazard in -x64 mode in German. I boot in -x64 mode. I don't have any internet connection. My ethernet card "Marvell Yukon 88E8072 PCI-E Gigabit" and my WiFi card "Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN" are not recognized. Does anyone know some solutions to fix one of the problems? My system is a laptop. Its the HP ProBook 4710s (VC440EA) HP ProBook 4710s Notebook PC (VC440EA) specifications - HP Small & Medium Business products Thanks in advance! Das ?
  3. Should Apple buy a Linux distro?

    I think linux kernel is too universal for Apple, they wouldn't be able to restrict it that easy..
  4. Apple Logo on Windows?

    If he likes it, why not? I don't do this because of bad performance after using transformation packs..

    Well actually they are still making cash...
  6. new german apple blog

    Werde Ich in nächster Zeit beobachten, Danke
  7. Product key Windows7 Enterprise and Ultimate

    I can confirm that... Not possible