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  1. You know, I didn't even think that it could be the graphics card. I'm running a GeForce 8600M GT. I fixed my server issues, the manual installer doesn't get a couple files up to date that you need. Here's my how to over at moongamers.com.
  2. I didn't install it through cider or anything like that. I just ran installed it on my Intel MacBook Pro running 10.5.6 without any problems. I have a friend who's been able to do the same thing with an iMac. We both have Core 2 Duo processors. I've read that that could have something to do with it. All I did was drag the entire BF1942 folder from the disc to the App folder like instructed and ran it. I have the deluxe edition. There are problems with trying to update to 1.61d and I had to use the manual install like mentioned in my post. In conclusion, I didn't do anything special. Just installed it, as if it were normal. Have you tried running it under Rosetta? By clicking the check box on the More Info dialog? I didn't do that. That could also be part of it.
  3. So, I was told for the longest time that I wouldn't be possible for me to run Battlefield 1942 on my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro. I recently upgraded to Leopard and decided to check it out. I am happy to report that this works pretty well. I played the single player game and beat the campaign with no problems. Online play is a little more tricky. Here's the problems I ran into: 1. Updating to the 1.61d patch. If you're trying to update with the installer from places like macgamefiles.com, you're going to run into some problems. The installer freezes at the beginning at some .icns file. How I got around this was by going to this link at aspyr: http://files.aspyr.com/support/Battlefront...RevA_Update.dmg (I found it through this link, supplied by a friend http://www.aspyr.com/outagenotice.html) I know the link says something different, but it's the 1.61d update. I have it mounted right now. I'm attaching an image. This allows me to play on a lot of servers, but not all of them. Specifically my favorite, Moongamers Mostly Omaha. So that brings me to my second problem. 2. "Data differs from server" error. I get this error whenever I try to connect to Moongamers Mostly Omaha. I'm not sure exactly why I'm getting this error. I thought it had something to do with PunkBuster not getting updated correctly, from something I read on the net that lead me to believe that. So, after I got kicked from one of the servers I was playing on, and it told me to go to evenbalance.com. I went there and found a way to manually update my PunkBuster for Battlefield1942. (I figured that this was a good idea, because I noticed that there had been two recent updates to PB for BF1942). I downloaded the app they told me to. It looks like this: So, it told me that my BF install was indeed out of date, but after updating it I still get the "Data differs from server error." Which brings me to my question. Has anyone ran into these problems and found a fix for them? I know I can play some games online, I can play offline just fine. I'm just so close to playing Moongamers that I can taste it. Any tips?
  4. Trying to make Thinkpad T40 with 10.4.11

    By Accelerated Graphics do you mean OpenGL and Radeon? Because I thought it was possible to get that working?
  5. I've got the XxX 10.4.11 disc, but it loads up, I'm getting stuck with a blue screen and a cursor. No installer loads up. Is JaS a better solution for a ThinkPad. I've seen the really popular guide around here. But I'm wondering if I can get it to 10.4.11. Anyone know?