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  1. Anyone here has success stories on Supermicro mobos? I already got an earlier machine working on X7DAL-E+ with dual Harpertowns for sometime now. I'm currently working on the newer X8DAL-3 mobo. So far not too bad. Got it up working. Used Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r518. Still some items to work through. I've got dual L5520 (low voltage) Nehalems installed and running. I had to boot into Ubuntu Live CD to grab the DSDT files first. I had to edit AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext (pci1000,59) to get the onboard LSI 1068E SAS ports to work as regular SATA interfaces (also require firmware change to IT mode - provided by Supermicro). Can't boot from them ports though. I also edited IONetworkingFamily.kext to get the two onboard Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet ports working. I used IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext to get rid of the orange icons so that the main harddrive (that's connected to the ICH10 interface) appears with the correct silver ones. My E/E folder includes AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext FakeSMC.kext
  2. Hi, I have the X8DAL-3. Do u think you can post your DSDT file for all who are interested?
  3. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    It should be "optical". Depending on what kext you used or patch .... there may be differences
  4. Font rendering/smoothing in OSX

    It's because you are using 4:3 screen instead of widescreen !!!
  5. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    Limini, The BIOS version F5 is alright. Here's my own findings. See attached .pdf of my Latency report. I hope you are also getting good results with yours. Gigabyte_EP35_DS3P_Latency_Report.pdf
  6. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    I read somewhere that you need to install XCode tools. CHUD is one of the packages with XCode, but I think the power shutdown fix does not require CHUD as it has been compiled. Can't remember the forum link, but I always install XCode anyway. I just add the device for Ethernet under EFIStudio and I get the RTL8111B. Have not done any check if it is working or not, but system profiler reports it ... For audio to be fully reported in System Profiler, use the AppleHDA.kext and HDAEnabler.kext. Both AZAL and HDEF in EFIStudio did not work for me - I did not add them in when writing the boot file. BTW, you do not need to plug in to any of the ports for it to be reported in System Profiler. Some guides/files can be found in these posts ... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=86167 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=76404
  7. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    Limini, it seems my problem is common amongst many forumers here ... it seems that PC-EFIv8 is unable to detect the FSB freq on Gigabyte P35/EP35 series board. Fast forward to post #10 and the solution is using Chameleon EFI which detects the FSB properly. Since I've already had a almost working system with PC EFI v8 and vanilla kernel 9.4, I just installed Chameleon EFi over PC-EFI and viola!!! I finally have a sound editing system that is behaving like it should. Everything problem that I mentioned previously is gone!!! I don't really care about the latency issue on WinXP cos I'm done mostly with Microsoft. It's only there for those odd occasions where you have to use Windows.
  8. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    Woah !!! Didn't hear about such issues until u pointed these forums to me!!! I've tried the latency checker - I notice about every 30secs or so, I have a big spike around 2000us , otherwise it is spike floor is less than 500us. That's with F5 bios on a native WinXP SP3. Anyone here has the F4C Bios??? Could u send me the BIOS for me to do a test run? Anyway, I redid the latency check with WinXP SP3 on VMware while running OSX86 and I get spike floor at about less than 1000us, and nothing bigger. That's with the current hardware and software config in my sig. I haven't reach out to determine which hardware was at fault yet. However, I noticed a separate thing that may not be due to the DPC latency. Anything that is using a USB connected sound card (ie. Line 6 PODXT Pro, my USB Audio Codec from my Samsung 22" LCD) has the same stuttering/cracking problem. If I avoid the USB sound card and use the onboard Realtek ALC889A soundchip, it works alright with Apple's DVD Player, Quicktime, ITunes, etc until I try 3rd party software like VLC player, the stutters come back. Even while running anything that has stutters/cracking, DPC latency checker in VMWare is not showing any spikes.
  9. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    With my latest changes to my installation, almost everything works well. I've done some documentation of my installation - will post soon. BTW, my monitor's connected to the DVI output.
  10. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    Try doing a install using vanilla kernel with EFIv8 or Chameleon EFI. Seems to be cleaner. I have another installation with that on another partition. My BIOS is on S3 sleep. CHUD comes with XCODE tools which is downloadable if I am not wrong ... I also assume you want that because of power shutdown fix. EFIStudio seems to be a better solution than NVInject and NVKush. And going DVI all the way seems to solve most of the resolution detection problems. My display wasn't changing resolutions properly when it was all on analog RGB. I'm only having problems with the audio. I'm mainly using the Digital Out for my audio, but whatever 3rd party application that use audio seem to have stutters or audio sync/click problems. See my sig for my updated specs ...
  11. Apple buys a chip designer

    Probably they bought them to prevent other hands from getting them .... probably some PPC technologies are still technologically viable ... just thinking aloud ...
  12. Kalyway 10.5.4 and some issues...

    Seems like both you and I have similar problems. However for the first one, I suggest taking a look at the supported list of CPUs for your mobo revision. I had to update my mobo revision to F3n (beta) because Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53GHz is supported only by that revision. Previously before I updated the revision, I panicked when I saw that the About This Mac reported the CPU incorrectly. For the shutdown and restart problem, lets hope someone replies either of our posts and we'll be kind enough to alert the other so. Cheers.
  13. Hi all, just a recent switcher to MACs (bought a used IBook) and found this OSX86 culture a whole new exciting experience, so decided to jump into it. I was fortunate to have chosen the Gigabyte mobo and realised that it is one of the more compatible boards. Only just needed some advice to overcome some minor issues. 1. First, my installation still doesn't shutdown/restart properly. When I shutdown or restart the system prepares to go down but somehow after the screen goes blank, it hangs there and refuses to turn off the fans and hdd. Anybody got a solution to this. I'm on 10.5.4 and 9.4.0 kernel. 2. Second when I try to change my display resolutions, I get a blue screen and nothing, but somehow the system is running normal - just a blue display. Does using the DVI-VGA adapter make a difference? 3. Third, the digital audio input in the preference pane under Sound indicates specifically an optical input whereas digital audio output is just generic digital output. Anything wrong with it. Thanks for the help in advance. Jazzy