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  1. wont boot past post

    this could be the problem i was having when trying to do ata external with a sata internal, mine does they same thing
  2. Ive got a New Western Digital USB/Firewire Media Center 160gb drive. My goal was to boot osx86 on it. I installed it fine on it but it wont boot. I wiped the drive and installed xp on it and set my bios to boot usb, but all it does is sit there at the Toshiba boot screen, the computer freezes. Its like its confused or cant boot the drive. So my question is what do i got to do to the drive to make it boot anything. Grub wont mount it either
  3. Installing to USB harddrive

    yea i cant get my grub to boot usb
  4. Installing to USB harddrive

    whats your grub list showing right now, i mean as far as the setup
  5. Ok Ive got a western digital firewire/usb external drive that ive installed 10.4.4 to. When I installed it the hard drive was plugged through usb and firewire and installed through firewire. Although it wont boot, when i set my bios to boot usb it says no os found or it freezes on boot, If I use grub with the proper partition set it cant load the hard drive. What is the easiest way to boot it via usb, what else can i try, i unplugged the firewire. Also Im on a laptop
  6. windows media center is far better at this point look at the reviews at winsupersite.com of apples media center vs windows media center.
  7. with the tpm stuff, my laptop has a tpm chip, will that affect osx86 in anyway? Until the driver issues can be fixed, I dont see it worth trying to get 10.4.3 to work on a modern pc.
  8. Final Cut Pro

    Any news If this will work any time soon, I have a copy I just dont know how to convert it
  9. ok im gonna use the method used at http://www.shuddertrix.90megs.com/wiki/ind...le_And_Accurate If Im writing to partition 3 at this point, there is no way to easily screw up the computer is there? aside from the boot loader?
  10. ok thanks, i figured it out, not to figure out the best method of installing osx I have the vmware image-x86 flat
  11. nevermind I think I got it, but now it says the arguments you specified for this command are not valid
  12. thanks, so once I get to the create partion primary part how do I select the partion I want to use sorry I just dont want to screw my new laptop up
  13. Right now my hard drive is showing, primary parition, and 6.6gb of unallocated space, can i use dispart to take that unallocated space and convert it to HFS+
  14. I want to make an apple filesysystem on the primary harddrive of my laptop, I know the command in command prompt to do this, but that only works on the disk as a whole. How do I go about this?