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  1. Installing iPortable Snow Leopard on Gateway MT6821

    I have been running this laptop since Leopard. It has been working great. Running 10.6.4 now. Have you patched a custom DSDT for this laptop. I would like to compare, as I am a noob on the whole DSDT thing. Thanks.
  2. IOATAFamily.kext KP

    For some of us Laptop users, just a deletion of the IOATAFamily.kext has worked for me. I could not get around the error, and it drove me crazy for about 4 hours. Tried all different kernel flags to no avail. Up and running now on Gateway laptop, still working on audio though.
  3. [Guide] Installation on Gateway MT6705 Laptop

    Great guide! I have found most of this the hard way, but sure is a great thread to come back to if I ever brick it again. Just a note, I am running a MT6821, which is pretty much identical, except for the addition of the firewire (if you don't have). The one thing that the pcmcia does do is break the firewire, so I must choose pcmcia or firewire. Other than that working great!
  4. iPC 10.5.6 might be a good start You might want to write down your device and vendor ids before you whack it and start on an install. This release seams to include quite a bit for the osx86 challenged. Have fun!