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  1. Ahhh - I gotcha - In MIDI I get the 2 channel option - However I am using the Digital out to a 5.1 Cambridge soundworks system - I have full Digital Surround this way
  2. I am using your latest Bios with Audio option B and the ALC889a kext on the Extreme version of this board - I have full audio - Analog Digital etc - Is this and different than you guys are showing in your audio preferences?
  3. 2006C6

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    That fixed it - I am wondering if some of your other themes are missing the file as well as they would't work eithe thanks again
  4. 2006C6

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Actually I think it might be a bug in the small Boot file - You can load all themes with virgin RC3/RC4/thiagom's recompiled RC4 but this one will only load the odd one - try loading Blackosx's 3D theme with this release - It wont load - it will however with the others Blackosx_3D_Theme.zip
  5. 2006C6

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    And I need to add the "Themes" folder because it isn't created automatically correct - Weird - Did it, changed to your small boot file - get a new boot icon from the theme I want when it starts booting - but nothing at the boot choice prompt - thanks for your help - I don't want to clog up this thread Got it - it was a bad theme
  6. 2006C6

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Thank you - One more stupid OT question - I take it it I use your "embedded Theme" booter? Cant get it to pick up any theme I put in
  7. 2006C6

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Thanks Asere - works awesome Now... not that I don't love your graphic for the boot...but how do I change it back to the Chameleon? Dumbass question I know Now if I could only get rid of my last two sound assertion errors thanks again!
  8. - I did put the script in the startup items - However it didn't work - I am going to try the mod that d00d did tomorrow I am 10.6.2 with sound (analog and digital) - I did end up putting the ALC889a kext in - It stopped most of the sound assertion errors the only errors in my kernal log are now : Sound assertion "0 != result" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-158.4.39/AppleHDA/AppleHDAWidget.cpp and /AppleHDA/AppleHDA-157.1.24/AppleHDA/AppleHDACodecGeneric.cpp I still get "FireWire runtime power conservation disabled. (2)" As well if I use the "boot" file included in the reboot fix I end up with: "kernel IOHIDSystem::relativePointerEventGated: VBL too high (20216711), capping to 20000000" If I replace the boot file with RC4 I no longer get the error - However then the reboot doesn't work (Im not using a kext) Anyone have and ideas on any of these?
  9. d00d - I have everything working including steps 16 and 17 - 2 quick questions though 1. The only issue with sleep I am having is when the system sleeps from Energy Saver (ex: set sleep to one minute) the machine sleeps but the fans stay on - probably missing something stupid - Sleep works fine from power button and apple menu - fans turn off 2. Is the 889a kext actually needed in extra? I have followed B in your guide and mine works with no extra kext - the only kexts I have in Extra or FakeSMC and the orange icon fix thank you VERY much for all of your help!
  10. You bet - tried F7 - F9D - F9P - Really weird - It worked on F7 when you started the thread - only difference is SL Server vs SL
  11. Hmm - ok - that makes sense - However when I had SL server on I used the first BIOS you posted - worked fine?? Weird - Now installing reg SL and panics with the same BIOS??
  12. d00d - is there any reason why your DSDT wouldn't work on the Extreme board - latest BIOS - I get an ACPI panic right after the DSDT loads
  13. One more ??? - I have the Extreme version of this board - does anyone have Bios settings (using F7 right now) for a 4Ghz overclock? GeekBench 125547 @ 3.73 so far d00d - how do you get past the x20 multiplier?
  14. dumb stupid question - Is the lower case "f" a typo or does it need to be lowercase - does it make a difference? <key>REV </key> <data> ATkPAAAF </data> </dict> <key>smc-compatible</key> <string>smc-thurley</string>
  15. d00d - is the DSDT you have attached in your tutorial the one you are currently using?