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  1. HP NC6400

    hi, i used the link above for the 16fd but the link is broken, if anyone else has it could they upload it? thanks
  2. The '2 channels instead of 6' thread

    i was wondering if there was a definitive solution.....the main problem is discussed here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=20164 but i was thinking a seperate thread might be of use as its getting tangled with the usefullness that post has for people without this problem anyway, the idea is, if you get 6 channels then you can jiggle about with them and get 2 working for audio, but for some unlucky people, you can't (like me) how do you print screen using a windows keyboard? i can move all the sliders up and down (even with the quicklaunch button) but in the bottom right of the screen there are 3 sliders and i can only move the left and right channel sliders and not the one above titled 'M' hopefully this can be resolved as its this and my wireless thats stopping it being a completely perfect install at the moment! thanks in advance, latham
  3. my leopard install on my TC4400

    hi, i have an NC4400 and i was wondering how far anyone got? the kext for the lan returns a dud link, i've tried with a few others to no avail. and i'm in a little over my head so far the problems are, audio only showing up 2 channels instead of 6 so sound doesn't work wireless is apparently a no-go, if others have swapped for a different wireless card then i might be on doing hat LAN, apparently easy, my vendor and device ID are the same as above
  4. another 2 channels instead of 6 right here......anyone with a solution? so far no wireless or sound