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  1. Thank you ! I was finaly able to remap the key, I edited the key in the ApplePS2ToADBMap.h file and compiled the kext and it worked. btw a final question, from what I understand a kext is a driver, so in order to rebind a key I ended up editing and recompiling a driver wich seem a bit overkill, was there a simple method, like editing a config file I didnt know about ?
  2. I installed the debug version of voodoops2 and it picked the key, e06a=80 and e06a=80 My assumption was that the key were rebind to a bogus ps2 code (I didnt find any key with the 80 ps2 code for macos) so i tried to rebind them in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/SSDT-T420-PS2K-keys.dsl but that didnt work. I'm not very familiar with macos so I'm not even sure that my syntax in SSDT-T420-PS2K-keys.dsl was correct, do you have any idea ?
  3. Hi, my "forward" and "backward" keys (the ones near the arrow keys) don't work, and they aren't picked up by karabiner nor Bettertouchtool, does anyone have a solution ? I feel like i have looked anywhere and i didn't find any. btw a big thanks for the 1024 vram mod, I think it fixed my graphical glitches on 10.13.6 !