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  1. activation de compte iCloud

    Bonjour zazman, quel boot loader utilise-tu et quelle en est la révision? en passant l'image que tu a posté viens de Windows et non OSX ... il te faut créer un compte icloud... va sur icloud.com pour en ouvrir un
  2. Yan's Hackintosh

    this is my hackintosh, running better on osx than windows case chenbro medium tower alien green PSU rocketfish 650W Board p5ke-wi-fi graphics Sapphire HD 6850 CPU Q6600 Memory 4 gigs of kingston Monitor 22 inches viewsonic magic mouse magic track pad apple full keyboard bluetooth rocketfish adapter it's been running on osx since 10.4 and is now running 10.6.3 flawlessly no major bug runs smooth as a baby's butt Yan Chabot Thank you Pictures to come...
  3. ati fire pro v5900

    so you sujest that i try to personalize the card as one of the 69xx line. Do you think that it could work out of the box?
  4. ati fire pro v5900

    i will be building a system for my GF as she is returning to school to learn cad drawing so the system will be sporting a ATi Fire pro v5900 my question is, is that piece of hardware supported in OSX Lion? thank in advance for your 2 cents
  5. Compatible on AMD X6

    i think any of the major snow leopard distro like iAtkos s3v2, ideneb, hazard, or even JAS will be fine, but for Lion it's a no go since you have an AMD processor, remember to chose the right kernel when you install because the vanilla kernel won't work for AMD CPUs.
  6. iAtkos L1 is Out

    I'm actually on iAtkos L1 updated to 10.7.2 no problem so far ... exept i've installed chimera cus i couldn't login to iCloud.. something to do with the FaceTime fix that is applied by default by chameleon.... if u guys have problems too thats what u should do
  7. iAtkos L1 is Out

    installed fine on my p5k-e wifi/ap the only ''problem'' i had was with my video card ... a ATi HD6850 i had to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No cuz i had a black screen on boot, since many of this year of ATi cards lineup are supported by default, could you make your install process to not install with graphics enabled or include it as a choice in the install process? thanks I've been running this distro for a week now and no problem so far
  8. bon voila mon problème, j'avais une 8800 gts et elle a sauté, je l ai remplacé par une 430 gt.... comment je fais pour repartir tout ca maintenant merci
  9. Problem with driver LAN

    hi have you followed this guide, http://lyt.no-ip.org/blog/?p=1921 . if not install the kekts from Extra extentions files V2 and repair permissions for your hard drive with kekts wizard. And After you update to 10.7.1 you need to reinstall your appleHDA and run kekts wizard in order to have sound after the update
  10. p5k-e wi/fi

    thanks to the genius of some guys here, i've been able to install OSX Lion on my old but solid Asus P5K-E WI/Fi-AP Everything is working just fine even the sound card .... witch i had problems with previous versions of OSX so thank you all folks
  11. Iatkos S3 V2

    yeah for sure i dont even talk about slow usb speeds ... ist an audio card problem related here ... plus Arterio i am now on retail vanilla with DSDT and everything ... still the same problem .... im beginning to think the problem is related to my speakers
  12. Iatkos S3 V2

    Hi guys, i'e just installed Iatkos S3 V2 on my Asus P5K-E WIFI/AP, and almost everything is fine exept 2 things, i have sound in only left speaker and my usb is slow as hell, any one have a comprehensive fix for that? my config is as follow, Bios ahci sata intell Q6600 quad cores 4 gigs of ram nvidia 8800gts i also dont use DSDT... could be the problem, but i cnt find a way to edit it right thanks in advance for your help
  13. I did use uinstaller to use my gfi string everytning is fine except for the boot flag
  14. i havent noticed for the new chameleon in the package and for the auto detection of the video card it worked for the installation (flawlessly i was installing in dual screen native resolutions) but when i came back to my desktop after the install... i dont know why it didnt worked any more the video card im using is a NVIDiA Gforce 8800 GTS 320 Mo there is a strange thing tough... it only boots if i specify -v boot flag... so when i boot i enter -x64 -f..,
  15. Thx to you dude i now run SL flawlessly on my p5k-e I am posting from it the only things i had to do after the install is install the latest chameleon boot loader, apply the time machine fix and insert my video card string with uinstaller (the time machine fix is to get rid of the uuid weird errors i got after the upgrade to 10.6.1) oh and i took the dsdt.aml from the p5ke_pack.zip i took from another tutorial that didnt work for me i've tried many install methods all week-end long and succeded with your script not even a KP nothing all is good thank alot dude