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  1. HDA patcher 1.20

    I'm also looking for this file but I can't download it from that site either.
  2. Sound e1405

    I'm trying to get my Sigmatel audio to work on my Dell e1405 but I can't find the AppleHDA patcher anywhere. Can anyone direct me to it?
  3. Installation Help

    Oh, and if it matters here are the basic specs of my computer. Dell e1405 Core 2 Duo (@ 2.0 GHz) 2 GB RAM 60 GB HD Intel GMA950 Sigmatel Audio Intel Wireless Bluetooth (Toshiba?) Any help would be great!!
  4. Installation Help

    Greetings, I've been trying to Install OS X using the instructions in the first sticky. I have gotten everything to work, however the computer seems to hang after getting to mDNSResponder. It says "using localb instead" and then does nothing. I know some other users are having trouble with this, because I've searched this website thoroughly and searched Google, however I have not found a solution. Sometimes the computer creates a crash log, sometimes it doesn't. I will include one of the crash logs here, although this crash seems to be caused by OS X trying to load bluetooth, and not mDNSResponder (which to my understanding has to do with Bonjour). Perhaps the two are related, but any help would be great. I feel like I'm so close to getting this to work. Thanks! Oh, and I have already tried re-doing the installation 4 times now, each time it always gets stuck here. Crash.rtf
  5. EFI & Retail Hang - mDnsResponder

    I'm having the same problem. Here is a crash report (sometimes it seems to get far enough to store a crash report, other times it just hangs and does not make a crash report). Crash.rtf
  6. Greetings Everyone, I've been trying to install Leopard according to the instructions found here, however I keep getting stuck with an mDNSResponder error and then it says "using localb instead" and hangs. I've tried the install 4 different times, checking all my steps. About half the time the computer spits back an crash report into the /Library/Logs/CrashReporter folder , and I'll include one of the crash reports here, however a lot of the time it doesn't even do that. Any ideas? I'm new at this, so you'll probably have to explain any fix in "simple" terms. Thanks! Crash.rtf