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  1. Installed Fine, Cpus=1?

    Successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 in my laptop. I have Acer 5584WXMi with Core2Duo T5600. I have tried all the kernels, but they needed cpus=1 flag in the boot. but I want to use all the 2 cores in OSX. Is there any solution that might solve this problem?
  2. The question is very simple.. to dual boot using grub, should I install ubuntu first? or OSX first? I want to dual boot with ubuntu and osx
  3. Darwin won't install

    I had linux installed in my laptop, but after formatting linux drive and installing osx, Grub still loads instead of Darwin boot loader Grub loads with an error. Anyway to solve this problem using only ubuntu live cd?
  4. I've successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 after the installation, it told me to reboot, so then I rebooted. But in the booting screen with "Apple logo" it stops just there, no message appears, nothing comes up. What should I do guys.. I need your help T^T