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  1. 3rd time wasn't the charm...BUT @tonyx86 While reinstalling it a 4th time, it occurred to me to google "FileVault Hackintosh Catalina" and sure enough, the issues that popped up were the same as mine. So, after not enabling FileVault this time around, I was able to see my boot drive in BCM. I'll chalk it up to a rookie mistake and if you jotted that down somewhere in the install guides, my bad for overlooking it. In any case, thanks again for all your help and for this helpful guide. It has breathed new life in my e6410 that was just sitting around collecting dust.
  2. Thanks for checking. I am not booting UEFI. In fact, it was a brand new SSD and doesn’t even have Windows installed on there. I will start over and try it again. I appreciate you taking the time to look it over. I’ll report back if I have some success. Hoping the 3rd time is the charm!
  3. Here you go. Thanks again. EFI.zip
  4. Apologies if I did this wrong. config.plist
  5. Weird, I’m running 10.15.4. Wonder why it would say 10.14.6. I will upgrade to r5118 and report back. Thanks again!
  6. First off, thanks for putting together this guide. It was very helpful getting this off the ground. My current setup (e6410) is very similar to yours, but my CPU is the i5 version. The problem I am running into is I can do the initial load into the system, set it up, add Clover to the SDD, but as soon as I reboot, the new install is not listed in Clover Boot Manager. I’ve done this twice with the same exact result. I’ve double checked my BIOS settings and they are identical. I’ve made sure the Kexts are in the properly places, and the config.plist. I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks but running into the same wall. I’ve included the Preboot.log if anyone has time to take a look and let me know what the issue is or what I have done wrong, I’d appreciate it. I’ve googled this without avail. Thanks again for any assistance. preboot.log