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  1. I have iATKOS's v4.1 Leopard on my HP dv1738 (the exact type of laptop Jalavoui needs, but I live in the US, and i'm not willing to ship my laptop halfway across the world.) and it is awesome, but not practical. Especially without WIFI. I know that you developers do this stuff in spare time, and you do a pretty good job. I agree that Jalavoui should've gotten cards specific to his actual notebook. (and I know HP makes so many models, that parts are easily swapped with no problems) The cards are all the same, maybe except for a string that differs from with the BIOS says, and that's where we have problems. My HP actually uses the Phoenix BIOS, I believe. Operating Systems usually can be fixed, but the BIOS is the thin spread of butter that connects the bridge of hardware and software. Your laptop can be fixed, and I do hope you don't give up on the project. You seem to be the only one keeping the progress going right now. OS X is NOT practical to me without WIFI, so you have great respects from me. Also, I am willing to help with the project if I can. I can say that MY 3945abg card DOES see networks, but will not connect. This wasn't the case before using iATKOS's version. (I was using Toh's RC2, and found that I got TONS more KP's...and your driver would NOT work) I personally don't know anything about the code, but you aren't far off at all Jalavoui. When it says "attempting to associate with network" (or the such) you only get that prompt for about a second before it goes back to the "main menu" where you have the 1, 2, 3, and 5 options. This is a 2 step progress and, as far as i'm concerned, step 1...getting our card to SEE networks is a MAJOR achievement. Step 2 is, of course, getting it to ASSOCIATE! haha BuildSmart: I am broke. I'm a highschooler with no money. ,but I do like your offer, and I hope for those that have extra pennies (after donating to your Church...no sarcasim) will hand some over to get this working. :pirate2: If you need log files, If you want me to get the developer's pack and you tell me what to do, I'm game. Think about it, hagie92
  2. hello! lets get this post rollin along! I want my camera to work. IS there ANY way we can sticky this post or make it more obvious...if you search Webcam in the forums, its on the 2nd page! hagie92
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    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Look at iSaints post, its by far the best and worked wonders for me. I re-wired the Ethernet cables in my house so I have wired networking in my office, for the specific purpose of using iATKOS's 10.5.4 version of Leopard. I have a HP pavilion dv1738 and everything works besides WIFI (intel 3945abg) and Microvision webcam for what its worth, Hagie92
  4. I like the way people are startin to volunteer cards to get this working! I suspect it won't be long. I admire the work. Keep it up, and know thousands of people love what your doing! -hagie92
  5. Hello, My HP DV1738 has a Pavilion Webcam 1000 made by MicroVision, and I have NO idea how to get this working. I cannot even find anything about it. Please help!
  6. in iATKOS v4i, I would like to say that there are WAY less kernal panics then in ToH's RC2. I'm starting to learn my way around the new hac-mac world and I report that network selector for 3945abg DOES now see my card, it sees networks, but I have NO idea how to get it connected. If you press the corresponding number, (say it found the network Walksys, it would look like 1) Walksys, so you press 1...) After I do that, it says associating with network for about a second, and then goes back to the menu. Do you know how CLOSE you are to having a working driver? There is probably like one little thing holding you developers off! I do thank y'all for your help, and if you need my logs or anything, (and can direct me to where they are...) feel free to ask! -hagie92 HP Pavilion Laptop 1738od 100GB HDD...working CD/DVD...working Intel pro/100...working Sound...working (azaliaaudio) Sleep, Restart...NOT WORKING Pavilion Webcam...NOT WORKING SD Card Reader...NOT WORKING WIFI 3945abg Inte...NOT WORKING!!!
  7. Im not a developer, but the driver will be ready as soon as someone donates a card for them to work with, and, as far as i know, this is in process. They are working hard and are doing a great job. I would say it would be ready SOON, but not like tommorow soon. Wait patiently and soon enough you'll be surfing wirelessly. Also, In the first stages of the driver development, it seems that WEP/WPA encrypted networks are not supported, but may be included at a later date. Hagie92
  8. Whenever I add the SMBIOS from your file, my system goes crazy (using ToH RC2). Usually I get a kernel panic, and then on rebooting the system (whether I use Safe Boot, or Diagnostic Boot or whatever it is, It will come to a blue screen with the mouse, but stops there. It doesnt really freeze, because I still can use the mouse, but the harddisk just kindove stops. Booting with dianostic messages shows many, many lines referring to the new SMBIOS from your pack, so I'm guessing its not compatable. If you have any solution, let me know! Hagie92 Pavilion DV1738 2GB memory Intel Core Solo 1.8Ghz CD/DVD...Working Audio...Working partially Intel Pro 100 enthernet...working Battery meter...working Sleep, Restart...NOT working WIFI (intel 3945abg) NOT working
  9. So jalavoui, do you actually have the 3945abg card, or are you working on the logs and KP's that people post here to continue your work? If its that your kinda building this in the dark, I just want to say...come on people! lets donate a chip. Thanks, Hagie92 Also, I am willing to be the Guenna Pig if someone is willing to show me what to download and how to use it. You can even PM me if you'd like. All I can say, is the latest build on the iwi website, the 3945abg...installs fine. I may have one or two kernel panics....but after a couple of reboots, itll finally work. You can go into network and see the card, but it seems to interpret it as a LAN card, not a wireless one. it shows up as en1 (i got the intel pro/100 to work) but it says the cable in unplugged. Also, in the network selector GUI, the mac address is all 000000's and it just says scanning. I dont know where the log files are, and I deleted the .kext to avoid KP's. I can easily install stuff as directed, and ill be able to check this website every day, so I can keep you updated. Let me know, hagie92
  10. I've made progress with the Intel 3945ABG card. Toh's Leopard 10.5 "sees" my card, (after I made some tweaks to some kext files, but will still not connect. The only thing I really did was go to System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleIntel8255x and added my product id string for my WLAN adaptor (0x42228086) right after IOPCIMatch. Save the info.plist to your desktop, then move it back to the original file. (it wont let you save it where it was) Open up a terminal and type: sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache and: sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions Open Disk Utility and Repair Disk Permissions for your drive. REBOOT! your card should now be listed. As far as selecting a network, I dont know. I downloaded Network Selector, but that didnt seem to help. Hope it helps, Hagie92
  11. Hello, I followed the instructions here...and added the new powermanagement.kext and even changed the plist from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0 and my system constantly gets a kernal panic, after reboot, it will work for about 30 seconds, then asks me to reboot my PC. HP DV1738odCD/DVD-RW...workingEthernet (intel pro/100)...workingWLAN (intel 3945abg)...NOT working.BATTERY METER, SLEEP, RESTART...NOT WORKINGThanks, Hagie92Hello, I followed the instructions here...and added the new powermanagement.kext and even changed the plist from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0 and my system constantly gets a kernal panic, after reboot, it will work for about 30 seconds, then asks me to reboot my PC. HP DV1738odCD/DVD-RW...workingEthernet (intel pro/100)...workingWLAN (intel 3945abg)...NOT working.BATTERY METER, SLEEP, RESTART...NOT WORKINGThanks, Hagie92
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    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Hats off to iSaint!!! IT WORKED!!! after 2 bricks, and me losing my hair, your tutorial saved the day! Thanks for taking the time to help us all out...And i only had to use the first part of your tutorial! haha, thanks so much Hagie92 I Have an HP DV1738od and CAN'T wait for drivers for the 3945abg card!!! UPDATE: right after, i had one kernel freak asking me to reboot my computer....but HOPEFULLY its okay now.