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    [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    64-bit. i haven't tried 32-bit...i could if you want
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    On an Intel DG35EC mobo, restart/shutdown works but takes about 10-20 seconds (osx shutsdown fast but the power supply and fans run for 10-20 seconds afterwards before shutting down). Using ver 1.5 of your kext, master chief!
  3. homestarr

    [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    Hi, I have the same mobo (DG35EC). Restart and shutdown work with OSXRestart.kext - you just have to wait, for me it takes maybe 10-20 seconds (everything shuts down except power supply and fans, wait 10-20 seconds then power supply and fans shut off as well). Hope this helps!
  4. homestarr

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Nice wall! Care to post a link?
  5. I agree with the other replies in this thread, but let me try to answer your questions: 1. Are there any post installation red flags I should look for? Look to see that the computer can shutdown, restart, and sleep, then make sure it can do this repeatedly. Generally, once Leo or Snow Leo is loaded it doesn't have any problems (at least from my experience). After that, look to make sure all the hardware works - you want graphics to be able to select all resolutions and also to support Core Image and Quartz Extreme in System Profiler (under Leopard). In Snow Leopard I only know of a utility to make sure OpenCL is working. You want to make sure audio and LAN/Wifi work correctly. 2. What are some questions I should ask them to ensure that everything is running 100% smoothly? I'd say look through the console for any strange errors but since you're not very tech savvy I'd say that'd be a waste of time. Ask about stability and how long the system stays up without any errors/panics. Like I said, a system that can boot osx and have graphics working is about 80% of the way there! 3. Are there any of you who bought a Hackintosh on craigslist/ebay? How did that go for you? I bought a system off Craigslist because it was cheap, but I made sure the components were compatible. Meaning I researched the motherboard to see what integrated components worked, I knew that I would have to buy a discreet video card and that was my only other expense. I spent $300 on a system that currently runs Snow Leopard perfectly so I'd say things are good! The netbook route you are choosing could be different and I urge you to look up the specific model on this forum. 4. For people that have used Hackintosh for several months to a year, what are some common problems that may occur in the long run? No problems for me, not even through updating. For me, doing a RETAIL install and keeping my non-standard kexts in a separate folder has allowed me to do system updates as if I were a real Mac ever since 10.5.6. Of course, only time will tell how long my good luck will run! Common problems that I read about are when people want to be perfectionists and have everything working correctly. For instance, some insist on pin-mapping their audio so that it works natively, I'm just using VoodooHDA which is a community written audio driver. Basically, the community is great and you should give it a shot because I've learned more about Mac OS than anyone else who owns a real Mac because I've had to use the Terminal and learn about kexts and EFI, etc etc. It's a great experience and we as a forum will always be here to support you through making your Hackintosh a success! also, I just re-read my post and it's awful, I've just been doing electrodynamics for the past 8 hours so my brain is a bit mushy
  6. homestarr

    where can i get snow leopard full..?

    Maybe you're violating some licensing rules, but...my friend upgraded his Tiger install to Snow Leo using the $29 version. Works perfectly and he says it "feels like i bought a new macbook"
  7. I figured out why I would randomly halt on boot...had to disable legacy USB support in the bios, which also makes it so I have to unplug and replug my USB keyboard to do anything at the chameleon screen. Is there a fix for this?
  8. homestarr

    GeForce 9600 GT

    My 9600GT 1gb ram has always worked with EFI strings, is there any reason for me to switch to DSDT? Any improvements?
  9. What about under leopard 10.5.x? I'd be happy running Leopard if I could get QE/CI with EFI strings! *runs to grab credit card*
  10. If I'm reading this thread correctly, the onboard SHARED-ram video works with osx? That's crazy because I remember reading that discrete video memory is always needed! I'd really like to buy one of these to build an HTPC so hopefully someone will confirm PS. by working I meant with QE/CI or OpenCL if under Snow!
  11. Hey! I didn't get to try the beta builds but it would be awesome if you'd post a few of those for the rest of us
  12. homestarr

    Enabling QE on 9800 GT

    This one's easy, I hope! Download osx86tools from http://code.google.com/p/osx86tools/ I don't have it right now on my Snow Leopard install so I can't remember where the option is exactly, but you should find a button that says 'enable quartz extreme' or 'enable opengl' - both mean the same thing. Reboot and you should have QE!!
  13. Flash HD content is different because Adobe hasn't written it to put the load onto the graphics card. For now, flash HD is completely handled by your cpu
  14. Hey, I'm wondering if you guys can play Youtube HD or Hulu HD content smoothly? This is a problem on all Atom/Ion nettops running Windows, I have a slight hope that it's a different story in osx...
  15. When I started learning about osx86 I didn't realize what the 'Extra' folder was...that one could install extra kexts there. So my extensions folder is currently filled with a bunch of non-standard kexts. I wish to update to Snow Leopard, actually figured out all the kinks to do so... I really would just like to install Snow over my current Leo partition, my question is would it wipe out the Extensions folder completely? Or should I do something drastic such as delete Extensions and THEN install Snow, just to be sure? I really don't want any foreign kexts there, but instead to leave them in Extra/Extensions via chameleon. Cheers!