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  1. LuKas:D

    Asus x540s Hackintosh possible ?

    Thank you very much ! You really helped me alot
  2. LuKas:D

    10.9.5 Pentium / Celeron / ATOM Kernel

    Hello, I have Pentium N3700 (and nvida geforce 810m) laptop, how do I use this kernel ?
  3. LuKas:D

    Asus x540s Hackintosh possible ?

    Oh ok, and if I use nvidia web drivers + lilu and WhatEverGreen (to disable integrated gpu) + clover configurator (for cpu masking) woun't it help ? And also how to legally get copy of El Capitan ? Again thanks for reply)
  4. LuKas:D

    Asus x540s Hackintosh possible ?

    Hello can I ask what does Fermi mean ? And also thanks for reply
  5. Hello, so I have this problem with my laptop (asus x540s) I searched the whole internet for guides about installacion MacOS High Sierra on Pentium CPUs and only what I found was nonfunctioning method for me (Shi*** App). So now only what I have is folder with FakeSMC, Nullpowermanagement and FakePCIID kexts - must have kexts for Pentium CPUs. And now I don't know what to do to get working Pentium+Nvida Hackintosh (BTW I have iMac 27 2017 running MacOS Catalina with Install MacOS High Sierra in application folder) Specs --- Intel pentium n3700 (Vt-x supported and enabled) Nvidia GeForce 810m 4gb ram (ddr3) Also my bios is UEFI, and has almost no settings to set (only secure boot - I turned it off) And also this laptop is now running Windows 10 and ZorinOS Lite 15 (linux) Please if you can help me by any way comment here Thanks BIOS PHOTOS -----