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  1. I installed ESXi 5.1 on a MacBook 4,1 (technically not supported by Mountain Lion) and I can boot the Mountain Lion DVD and am starting the install process. Hopefully ESXi will allow older mac's (such as mine) to be able to run Mountain Lion where my only short coming is no 64bit Intel Graphics. My EFI is 64bit, my computer is 64bit, but my graphics was deemed unworthy of an update to 10.8. I know 64bit drivers exist because I could boot Lion with "6+4" keys held down into "64bit mode".
  2. I have a Core i7 w/DX58SO motherboard. I had downloaded the generic.iso and have a retail Leopard disk and Leopard install on a bootable USB drive. I burned the generic.iso and booted the computer off of it. I can then attempt to boot off the USB drive but it reboots as soon as it hits the "Starting Darwin/X86" part. What I assume is happening is the generic.iso is booting and loading kext's and then attempting to boot to usb drive. Once it trys to do that I get an automatic reboot. Here are the last few lines... Loading HFS+ file: [/Extra/Extensions/IntelCPUMDisabler.kext/Contents/MacOS/IntelCPUMDisabler] from 433ae60 Loading HFS+ file: [/Extra/Extensions/SMBIOSSEnabler.kext/Contents/MacOS/SMBIOSEnabler] from 433ae60 Loading HFS+ file: [/Extra/Extensions/SMBIOSSEnabler.kext/Contents/MacOS/SMBIOSEnabler] from 433ae60 Starting Darwin/X86 Any suggestions to get Leopard on this wonderful machine?