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  1. hello guys! congratulations for another fantastic result! 2 or more cards ... Oh, my God! Just do not forget the hd mobilitys, huh! the millions of noobs welcome!
  2. a doubt thanoulas and dong ... the values of the BIOS can help this? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=154469 or has nothing to do? Still lack much for something permanent? What percentage of the project ready? Sorry for many questions from noob ... Congratulations for the progress!
  3. I'm not believing! It is the best news of recent years! dong, thanoulas, slice, netkas, was everything that users ati mobility hd dreamed! :D I test on my hd2400 mobility, how do I proceed? Please thanoulas, show the miracle!!!
  4. Hey guys ... do you think the project will not have a solution? the project will continue or is this the end of the ATI Mobility ...
  5. To developers...

    Can we get the necessary information for this library and put them in the design of 0xdeadbeef (hd 2400 mobility revisited)? How far I know, 0xdeadbeef need of accurate information of the video card to put in the code! The information is from AMD for Linux, I have no idea whether they can be ported to OSX! I hope that helps! forgot the link ... http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=arti...d_adl&num=1
  6. HD2400 Mobility Revisited

    hy, 0xdeadbeef, how are you? any news for us users of the ATI Mobility HD 2400? can we at least change the resolution? example: 1024x768>>>> 1280x800. LVDS ... never forget this symbol !!!
  7. New Ati framebuffer Xcode project any progress?

    thank you for answering Dong! A doubt... Got you to initialize the card by ATY_init, what would be the next step? Sorry my English, I'm Brazilian!!! P.S. I would like to take and make a thank you... I use on my desktop to 10.5.2, installed osx with the help of the community, reading tips and various posts, thank you all for your contribution! Now the problem is my laptop with the ati hd 2400!
  8. I have followed the project, I am user of ati mobility hd 2400, will the driver will be released? and someone knows how is the project? Congratulations to the efforts, Netkas and Dong!
  9. Hi, netkas and dong, congratulations for the project! I am a user ati mobility hd2400, I have followed the work of you and I'm anxious for news, some hope for the LVDS connector? sorry for english, I'm Brazilian
  10. HD2400 Mobility Revisited

    hey oxdeadbeef,... how are you!!?? please do not forget to us the users hd2400 mobility I have faith that you will achieve!