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  1. شكرا اخي الفاضل المشكلة اني بطي بطباعة الاحرف العربيه لذلك استخدمت الاحرف الانكليزية عوضا شكرا على المعلومة التي ذكرتها "Kalway,Iatkos,Leo4all"
  2. I am new to Mac world (I am unix and Linux fan), I do not have any DVD or CD for OS X,,,,I am looking to download one (10.3, or 10.4, or 10.5,,,etc) , but I could not find only one when I googled. 1- From where can I download OS X (I prefer from a forum not a torrent) ? 2- I downloaded one version which was NRG extension ,,,Can I convert that to ISO and burn it to DVD or CD under windows platform ? Thanks