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  1. Hi, I'm trying to build my first hackintosh with this board. I have an i5 3570K ivy bridge proc, 16gb of ram and the default intel 4000 graphics (for now). What install method did you use to get your setup going? If you have this board can you provide a working DSDT file?
  2. How to tell what packages are installed?

    Great question! I would like to know this as well! Any help?
  3. netflix streaming beta for mac

    FYI, I just got Silverlight 3.0 working on my hackintosh by modifying the installation check file located in the silverlight.3.0.pgk from MS. Reading the contents of the modified version of installation check from 2.0 provided by theTITUS, the 3.0 version isn't much different at all. Here's what I would recommend doing: 1. Play a movie from Netflix and download the Silverlight 3.0 package. 2. cancel the install and show the package contents of the file 3. Navigate to the resource folder, right click Installation Check and open with Text Edit 4. After the file opens up go to the bottom of the page to the sting that says "$EXIT_VALUE =" and make the value "0" (zero). 5. Save the file and close the package contents and try your installation this time. Just passing on what I did within 3 minutes and now I'm enjoying my Netflix streams. Hope this helps for some of you! /Edit I forgot to mention that my OS is iATKOS v7 upgraded to 10.5.8
  4. Absolute OSx86 noob here.

    I just got done using iATKOS v7 on my Gateway GT5628 using a PS/2 keyboard during the setup. You could try that distro since it runs 10.5.7 and updates pretty smoothly to 10.5.8. Just be sure to run diskutility of the CD or in Single User mode after updating.
  5. 10.5.7 Kernel Panic on install

    So do you have an IDE drive or a SATA drive? I know that the OS doesn't recognize my PATA IDE burner when I use mine.
  6. As the topic states, I have been able to successfully install on my Gateway GT5628. Here are the current specs on my pc: -Intel Q6600 -4 GB RAM (upgraded from 3gb) -500GB SATA HDD (dual-boot with vista) -1TB WD HDD (NTFS) -Nvidia 8500GT 256mb -Samsung SH-S223L SATA along with PATA burner that came with machine Installation was kind of a hurdle at first because I had all onboard peripherals turned on and the BIOS had my drives running in raid instead of AHCI. Make sure that your SATA controller is running the drives in AHCI. If this messes up your vista partition then try using the auto repair on the vista DVD. Use your SATA burner to boot off the install disk. **NOTE**Using the PATA burner will cause the Darwin loader to loop the "wait for root device" message no matter what flags you use in the boot loader.** Since I had all the peripherals turned on, the onboard firewire was giving me issues so I used the -V and -F options and got right into the installer. I'm not going to go into much detail about setting up your hard drive since other members have posted those details so I'll move into the install options. The only things I selected were the Nvinject, ps2.pkg, ahci.pkg and a couple other intel chip related items. I learned later on that installing the Intel82566mm.pkg would get my intel 8256 NIC and firewire working so select that option if you have that card installed. I would also select the macfuse and NTFS-3g options so you could read the NTFS partitions that you have installed. Chameleon has been working good as a boot loader so if you need something good to boot between xp/vista and osx then choose this option, too. The only issue I am having right now is that I can't restart my machine. I can shut it down but when I did my software update i only had the option to restart. If anyone can fix this please post any info you may have. Oh yeah, when you update and you reboot (or force shutdown when updates are done) boot into single user mode and use /sbin/fsck -fy. This fixed my setup when it froze at the apple logo. If you can't boot off the DVD to fix the permissions then try this method. I will edit this post as I figure out a smoother way to get this going. Hope it helps you GT5628'ers! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to see what I did to get it all working! -cap737
  7. Gateway gt5628

    i can confirm that the issue lies with the PATA dvd burner. After reading this post I purchased a Samsung SH-S223L SATA drive for my GT5628. Once I got it i was able to boot copies of XXX, iDeneb and iPC. My only issue is selecting which files to install to get the OS running. Right now I have iPC installed but it would boot with the apple logo and then go to a black screen and shut down. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm having a tough time installing Kalyway 10.5.2, or even the new iDeneb that just came out, onto my Gateway GT5628. These are the specs: Gateway GT5628 Intel Q6600 G0 Kentsfield @ 2.4GHz Gateway Intel Board DG33XSG2 -Chipset(s) Intell P35/G33/G31 (quoted from CPU-Z) -Southbridge Intel ICH9R BIOS DPP3510J 3 GB RAM 500GB SATA II Partitioned GeForce 8500GT 256MB VRAM Optiarc AD-7173A PATA (master) Intel 82562V-2 10/100 NIC IDT HD Audio The BIOS was set to use ACPI and even tried disabling the onboard NIC, firewire and audio. When I first booted Kalyway 10.5.2 I tried the normal "-v" command and was getting "Still waiting for root device". After some searching I started using "rd=disk0s1 -v" and brought my installation a little further. The new issue was with a kernel panic for CPU 0 and the ID was 0x002D8B62. There was more to it but it basically panic and stopped the install. Reading the guide that Kalyway provided I tried different kernals from 9.0 to 9.2 with no luck. I heard that iDeneb came out with an updated 10.5.4 install and tried that out with no improvements. I googled and search for a remedy to this issue and haven't found any resolutions to this problem. Can someone with experience in these Gateway GT series please help? I'll still be searching but any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need pics let me know and I'll upload them. Thanks in advance! -cap737 **Edit** Screw it, here's the pics of the panic. What's bothering me is that I can't find any information on cpu 0 caller 0x002D8B62.