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  1. Yes, i use 0x040674. I tried them one by one, and also many combinations, looks like the bootstrap patch will always keeps my CPU at 4.00GHz.
  2. I tried as you suggested, disable all patches (such as core_scope, pkg_scope, etc.). But stuck at +++ again... Do I need at least smt_msrs patches?
  3. yes, the Intel Power Gadget shows 100% My CPU type was set to 0706 already. in SMBIOS, i tried both iMacPro1,1 and MacPro7,1. They all failed... And back to the problem of stuck at +++ when using fakeCPUID 0406F1, you suggested to use "patches ( _C6/C7_If=E2-Enabled=0x7E000403 Pike R. Alpha Modify By N.Mano". But looks like my original E2 shows as below, not 7E000403. Is that the reason?
  4. Thanks latze again! I tried this one, but no lucky... still keeps as high as 4.0GHz...
  5. Hi latze, I did use those patches. But i still got +++ if i use the fakeCPUID 0406F1 on my i7-6850k. Also, when I used the xcpm_bootstrap patch, my CPU just keeps at highest 4.00GHz, no changing at all. Any advices are appreciated. Thanks!
  6. My MB is Gigabyte x99-Ultra Gaming, CPU i7-6850k. I just used the latest patches updated by nmano in this thread, but abandon the bootstrap patch. (if I use the bootstrap batch, my CPU just keeps at 4.00GHz, no changing.)
  7. I'm totally in the other way as yours. XMP cannot work on my clover setting. That's why I turned to opencore, and it works good now.
  8. Hi nmano, I'm here again to update my further trial. FakeID 0x0406F1 still cannot work for my i7-6850K + GA X99, stop at ++++. However, other FakeID (0x0306D4, 0x040674, and even 0x0306F2) all can work, but the CPU always stays > 2.0GHz, like below picture. Also, I cannot use the patch for bootstrap, no matter Haswell or Broadwell. Because once applied, my CPU keeps at 4.00GHz. Is it something related to my memory? Or, could you help to share your config.plist file? Thus I can do a thorough compare to see what's the problem. Thanks so much!!
  9. Sorry, my typo... My CPU is i7-6850K, Broadwell
  10. Hi nmano, I tried with your guide, but unfortunately, stuck at +++ again. Actually I tried different combination by apply these 10 patches, but all failed if I use FakeCPUID as 0x0406F1. And what strange is, if I use 0x040674, I can boot successfully with patches #1#2#3#4 only. And if I use even 0x0306D4, I can boot with all patches applied but CPU always stay at 4.00GHz. I'm still using iMacPro1,1. Is that the problem? Do I need to change?
  11. Hi nmano, Here is my config.plist. BTW, I'm using clover revision 5108. Thanks! config.plist
  12. Hi nmano, Here is my BIOS setting: BIOS Settings: Load the default values and change the outlined settingsM.I.T X.M.P = Profile 1 – Mhz depending on your CPU/MemoryAdvanced CPU Core SettingsIntel(R) Turbo Boos Max Technology 3.0 = Enable. (not available in i7 5820k)Hyper-Threading Technology = EnableCPU Enhanced Halt(C1E+ = EnableC3 State Support = EnableC6/C7 State Support = EnableCPU EIST Function = Enable (different than the guide as "Disabled" reduces cpu benchmark results after sleep)BIOS Windows 8/10 Features = Windows 8/10CSM Support = DisabledPeripheralsEHCI Hand-off = EnabledInter(R) Thunderbolt Support (option unavailable if no Thunderbolt AIC is installed)Inter(R) Thunderbolt Support = Disabled (currently it breaks sleep so I keep it at disabled)ChipsetXHCI Mode = Enabled And my CPU is i7-8560K. The ORI CPUID should be 0x0406F1, right? However, once I used this ID, the booting stuck again... The bootstrap patch also gives me high CPU freq keeping at 4.00GHz, no changing all the time. Thanks again~!
  13. Hi nmano, I'm really appreciate your efforts! My desktop is: Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming + Intel i7-6850k, running on Catalina 10.15.4 (19E266). I tried your latest updates on 10.15.4. However, I cannot normally boot (stuck on +++) with all the 10 patches applied. So I tried to use only 4 below patches, and then successfully booted: #1xcpm_core_scope_msrs © Pike R. Alpha Modify 10.15.4 N.Mano #2_xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha Modify By N.Mano _xcpm_SMT_scope_msrs #1 (c) Pike R. Alpha Modify By N.Mano _xcpm_SMT_scope_msrs #2 (c) Pike R. Alpha Modify By N.Mano Also, I used back to the FakeID 040674. Below is the Geekbench results, from where you can see the score is quite low, 40% lower than my previous Mojave. Did I choose the wrong patches? Actually I tried to add the other 6 patches one by one, but none of these options can boot.