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    OS X Annoyances

    From what I have read, most of these problems are from installing OS X on a PC so I don't think those should matter. Really, one of the only things that bugs me is the home-end keys. I was a PC user most my life and am used to hitting Home-End keys while programming(I really have to have them, I use an app to change them) to get to the begining/end of the line from where the cursor started. As for what I've seen about clicking the X to quit an application....I totally disagree. It's really easy-want to quit the app? Press apple+q. Want to close the window? Click the x or hit apple + w. As for you people who run OS X on a PC, how can you even complain about a problem when you aren't even running it on a mac? Yes, I have put OS x on my dell laptop, but only for fun not for real use. I would never post about how it doesn't 100% work on my dell because it was never ment to run on a dell.
  2. jesse steffen

    A Problem Free MacBook?

    well ive had my macbook pro for about 2 months now with not a single problem. no whine, doesnt get nearly as hot as my imac g5, battery isnt expanding...my only complaint is the battery life but most laptops have bad battery life so i cant really be mad about that(my friends pentium 4 laptop has a 1 hour battery life and is like four times as big!). three of my friends recently bought white macbooks(spanning from 3 months to 1 week ago) and can safely say they have not had one problem. all of them are extremely happy with their machines and would try to convince you to buy one. between my g5 imac and 2.16ghz macbook pro i am an extremely happy camper...just have to wait for leopard now.
  3. jesse steffen

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    i always end up using the stock tiger wallpaper. honestly, i just cant find a nicer wallpaper.
  4. jesse steffen

    theory that Apple will toss OSX and use Windows?!

    I think Steve Jobs would rather die than give into Bill like that. The artical did have some intresting points, but I think apple would stop making computers before they would ever put windows on their machines. Yes, a few new people will buy a mac because it now has windows, but it would lose way more users than gain. I for one would never buy a mac with windows on it, now THAT would be an overpriced mac. Though I do wonder what will happen once Jobs is no longer with us.
  5. jesse steffen

    I'm new here.

    Well I have everything I need, the problem is when I boot from the 10.4.4 install dvd after the apple logo loading screen, I get hit with the blue screen of death. The PPF-O-MATIC doesn't seem to work on either of my machines so I'm having trouble patching...plus I am unsure of how to change the mach_kernel in the .iso.
  6. jesse steffen

    Apple Introduces New Mac

    I've been looking forward to this new mac mini. Let's hope it's the media center I've been waiting for.
  7. jesse steffen

    Stupid question for ya.

    I opened the .ISO file and it's now a drive on my desktop. It's not burned yet. I can't seem to change the permissions in the finder which is getting me quite angry.
  8. jesse steffen

    Stupid question for ya.

    When I try to put the patched kernal onto the install disc it says I the install disc can not be modified. I'm sure it's real simple, but I'm going crazy trying to figure it out. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. If you couldn't tell, I'm not too strong in the terminal.
  9. jesse steffen

    Dell Inspiron 2200

    I'm having trouble upgrading it to 10.4.4 though. Right before installation I get the blue screen of death.
  10. jesse steffen

    Dell Inspiron 2200

    The 10.4.1 boot dvd work flawlessly for me. Only problem I'm having is 1. No sound, and 2. The wireless card isn't working. Core graphics is not enabled, but it looks/works fine for what it is.
  11. jesse steffen

    Which Wireless PCI Adapter Works

    The Dell MiniPCI WLAN 1350 does NOT work.
  12. jesse steffen

    I'm new here.

    My iMac is up to date, but my dell is not.
  13. jesse steffen

    I'm new here.

    Hi, I'm new here and have a question. It's about upgrading the version of os x I have running. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say it in the forums so if someone could let me know or can I pm someone? Thanks.