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    MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    Use the Voodoo HDA kexts. For me is working well but you have to remove first Apple HDA.
  2. ghostdust

    MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    callymero -- Do not use voodoo PS/2, use instead Apple PS/2. The Voodoo PS/2 randomly not working with GX700 hardware, i do not know why. Try this: shutdown and remove the laptop battery for 10-20 seconds then install again. A little guide how to install Snow in this laptop with Windows 7 dual boot: For dual OS make two partitions (or three in my case). First partition 60G FAT32 - for MAC, second partition 60G NTFS for Windows 7, third partition formatted NTFS for data. - Install first Windows 7 in the second partition. Next insert Iatkos S3 V2 disk and choose ONLY this options: - Bootloader -- AsereBLN v1.1.9 - Bootloader options - Ethernet - Patches - /Extra directory - fakesmc - Disabler - RTC - EVO reboot - Sleep Enabler - Laptop Hardware - Battery, Card Reader and TSC Sync - NTFS-3G - Both (You can remove later and install Paragon NTFS) - Drivers -- SATA/IDE - AHCI SATA - Intel SATA/IDE - JMicron SATA/IDE -- PS/2 - Apple PS/2 -- VGA - NVEnabler When the installation is finished you can update the system but you have to remove first the Sleep Enabler. Update from Software Update, reboot and you have a working 10.6.4 Snow. Now have to dowload and install: -- CPU Power Management -- Latest Voodoo Power Mini -- Sound -- Latest Voodoo HDA -- Sleep -- search Insanely Mac forum for Sleep Enabler patched for 10.6.4. If you have problems with the USB download and install [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] from tonymacx86 blog and choose only the USB patch from advanced options. Best regards P.S All credits go to this community and to respective creators/makers and teams who make this possible.
  3. ghostdust

    MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    Yes, i used Iatkos-S3-V2 (10.6.3) and installed well without problems at the first try. More details later. Best regards