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    ALC888S on MSI X58 Pro

  2. evilxhwnd

    ALC888S on MSI X58 Pro

    wow, thanks! that actually made it work. It no longer gives me kernel panics and I get audio. Unfortunately, every few seconds it crackles or skips. Any settings I can mess with? I've changed the MIDI settings to 48Hz and 16bit, it's much worse at anything higher.
  3. evilxhwnd

    ALC888S on MSI X58 Pro

    Thanks for the tip, but I made sure each time I only used one driver.
  4. evilxhwnd

    ALC888S on MSI X58 Pro

    Hello all, I am having an extremely difficult time getting audio to work on 10.6.4. I have a MSI X58 Pro motherboard and according to my motherboard manual, a ALC888S audio chipset. I have attempted patching AppleHDA (along with using LegacyHDA and HDAenabler) and even VoodooHDA. With a patched AppleHDA I have not been able to get audio output and with VoodooHDA (latest i can find from projectosx.com) I get a kernel panic. The only thing I want working is digital out, I don't care for any others (though it would be nice if they worked!) Anyone have any suggestions? Motherboard Linux Codec Dump PinConfigOverrideVerbs from Vista
  5. I have a creative Audigy 2 ZS and get sound using the newest driver. However, it only works for a few minutes. after that, anything i play is filled with static and eventually i just get popping sounds. Unloading the Kext and reloading fixes it until it happens again, requiring another reload. Any ideas anyone? Running Snow Leopard 10.6.1. Tested stereo speakers n cable on another computer and they work fine.