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  1. os x tiger 10.4.3 8f1099

    Ok don't mind my asking. I had to rethink my possibilities and decided to order M-Audio Fast Track USB. Please /close Cheers, Rozq.
  2. Hello everyone. Couldn't find a suitable sub-forum for this topic... After many hours of research I've found a solution to the realtek alc860 problem. The 'iATKOS v2.0i Re-release' was the only one which installed without further problems, I've got everything working, even the sound but the most important thing for me, which is 'input' doesn't work. I installed mac for the usage of 'Garageband' only. I'd love to plug my guitar there and have a little fun but unfortunetaly I can't. The version where the audio input worked was the 'os x tiger 10.4.3 8f1099', however it was released like 3 years ago. I've searched on google, pirate bay but every link is dead. I have no guarantee for this version to work but it's my only hope. Now, is anyone willing to help me? What I mean is to reupload that ~3GB somewhere. I know it's much to ask but please, if you have that version on your DVD somewhere I'd be very grateful. However it can't be a 8f1111 built but 8f1099 Unfortunetaly the ESI Juli@ doesn't work either. Having Juli@ working would be perfection. Best regards and sorry for the trouble, Paul.
  3. Can someone crack or whatever people do with the drivers to run on iatkos? I'd love to use garageband together with my guitar. That was the purpose of installing iatkos at first place, but juli@ is not working ;/